Books, books, books….!

Day 7 of Fab-ruary! Prompts here for anyone who’d like to join in!


Books loved:

Goodness, this changes all the time and my list is probably about a thousand long (yes, I do read that many books)!

For the moment, today:

– The Regeneration Trilogy by Pat Barker (Regeneration – The Eye in the Door – Ghost Road). I haven’t read it for years but I remember reading it nearly twenty years ago and I still, from time to time, think of the characters and the books. It made a huge impression on me and I still remember how distraught I was when one of the characters died. I remember walking around for days in quiet mourning for him.

– One Hundred Years of Solitude, Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I read it every few years or so and always, always, find something new in it. I’m reading it now, in Spanish (slowly!) and fear that the English translation I’ve always read  has absolutely not done justice to it’s actual beauty.

– Hemingway’s short stories.

– The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald. For me it is, and always will be, the greatest love story I’ve ever read. And, goodness….his writing?!

– Stoner by John Williams. A recent read. Another character that haunts me, popping up in my life occasionally, reminding me of the wonderful time I spent with this book. It’s, for me, quite literally a work of genius. I urge you to read this one!

– Ham on Rye, Charles Bukowski.

– Me Before You, Jo Jo Moyes….there’s just something so honest about the writing. Love it, love it, love it. [Lou’s another character who’s been firmly installed in my repertoire of ‘fictional characters who became so real to me, I remember them as if they were friends’…]

There’s so many more: anything by Iris Murdoch or Andrew Miller, for example….

Books loved as a child:

Am leaving this for another post, as this post seems to have got too long already!

Books I want to read:

Too many books, not enough time….check out my ‘To read’ Pinterest board here…! A friend has just sent me Martin Seligman’s Flourish, so I can’t wait to make a start on that! His TED talk is here (do head over – it’s really interesting stuff!).

I really, honestly, can’t wait to see your lists (and am really annoyed at myself that this prompt fell on a Saturday, when a lot of people don’t blog…)…

Also – a heads up to point you towards a favourite blogger/long-time blog friend and fellow scrapper….Julie Kirk at Notes on Paper and her (what I’m sure will be really interesting) feature on her blog: Portable Magic – first fascinating instalment here! [I’ve skim read it (couldn’t resist!) and am saving it to savour on Sunday, our lazy day, to enjoy it all with a cup of tea and a big piece of cake. Heaven! Thanks, J!].


16 thoughts on “Books, books, books….!

  1. blondeusk says:

    Great post and fab books 🙂


  2. Love these books and want to read them all. Not sure about the Spanish one though. Great to find your blog. Have a wonderful weekend.


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hi Holly, love your blog…! The Garcia Marquez one is definitely worth reading. Have a lovely weekend too: I’ll be exploring your website/blog a little more tomorrow when I have more time.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Angel Jem says:

    Editing all the books you love down into one post should be impossible! I tried…. but I’m sure I failed!


  4. Lizelle says:

    Sounds like you love The Great Gatsby like I love Pride and Prejudice lol I love that


  5. Barbara says:

    I must say you have a big list of books! I have not read these you have listed either and will have to save this post so I can go back and look them up again…I have a couple of shelves filled with books I haven’t read, but am waiting to read them; and those I have read and don’t want to part with – yet! I also have about 12 or 15 BOXES of books, still packed from when we moved from our house. I don’t have the shelf units any longer to house them – but feel if I go through them again, many will be given away. We have a used book store that has TONS of books, and will “buy” them if they can use them. They don’t often take many of mine but I always try; and if not, I donate them to a hospice thrift store or good will; and if appropriate, leave them at church where we have a “book swap”.

    I have a bit of an idea for my Fab-ruary 6th and 7th and will TRY to get to them this weekend!

    Thanks for sharing your FAB book list!


    • iwillbloom says:

      Barbara, so great to hear of the many ways to share the books you’ve read…I have to confess that, whilst I’m taking great efforts to ‘minimalise’ our home (well, what’s left of the material possessions!), I’m simply not able to get rid of books I’ve read. So I have mountains and mountains of them all around….


      • Barbara says:

        Helen, there ARE those books I can’t seem to part with, and hang onto them…that’s why there are so many books! Most of the ones still in boxes I have already read…there are biographies and poetry and devotionals and other types of books that I want to keep.

        And, while I was at my daughter’s house yesterday for my grandson’s 2nd b’day, one of the little guys pulled a paperback book off the shelf…it was The Great Gatsby!!! I haven’t read it, so I have borrowed it to read sometime in the future!!


      • iwillbloom says:

        LOL about Great Gatsby….you *must* read it…..!


  6. Sian says:

    Gosh, it must be twenty years since I read Regeneration too. One (or three) to go back to now, I think


    • iwillbloom says:

      Sian, ‘it’s’ one of those books that I’m actually wary of going back to as ‘it’ made such a huge impression on me….I worry that my new perspectives on life might ‘damage’ my image of ‘the book’ that I’ve carried with me all this time…..(that’s such a precious, precious, memory)….


  7. Carrie Ann says:

    I’ve always wanted to try and figure out how many books I actually have read over the years, but don’t know if I could remember them all. It would be a lot. I am definitely going to read The Great Gatsby!! I think all of us book lovers have a long post today, I forced myself to narrow mine down :).


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