Sunday ponderings

Some things that have caught my attention as I’ve been wandering around the web:

– Angelina Jolie’s op ed piece on the Syrian refugee crisis. [No words, I have no words].

– Paul Goodman on the nine kinds of silence (a beautiful reading of his ideas on this subject).

This post from Tammy Strait on Living a creative life. 

25 websites for literature lovers: some treasures there that I’d never heard of…

Writing your way to happiness (from the NY Times blog)

– Angelo Merendino’s photography project, ‘Goodbye at the door‘. So poignant.

– James Mollison’s photography project, ‘Where children sleep‘. Literally made me ashamed to be human.

Booksellers of South Sudan (BBC article)

A village just got it’s first fridge (BBC article). Very humbling.

– A zero waste grocery store: this is what it looks like. Imagine a world like this: not only less waste but imagine how much we’d all be able to think (without all the usual distractions vying for our attention).

– Lastly, this:


I’m so glad there is a word for this, as I find myself ‘sondering’ probably more often than I should.

Have a good week everyone!


8 thoughts on “Sunday ponderings

  1. I just love the wonderful “food for thought” you always find and share dear Helen! Thanks for more wonderful material to gobble up (pun intended – Lol). Happy Sunday!! xo


  2. alexa says:

    Our little independent whole foods shop looked like that in the early 80s … I’d shop in your photographed one above any day! And what a brilliant word and concept. I am copying this down :). Thank-you!


    • iwillbloom says:

      I remember a store like it in the big town near us when I was little and I remember being so refreshed whenever we went in there……! I’d prefer to shop in shops that look like this too, and would prefer anywhere that would let me use containers from home to bring my purchases back….it pains me so much to see so much packaging on food….(love the word ‘Sonder’: am so so pleased I found there’s a word for that concept!)


  3. Isabel says:

    I never knew that there was a word ‘to sonder’. How wonderful. I often find myself thinking this, that the amount of energy and drama that exists in your own life is the same for every other person. It can be an overwhelming feeling! But also comforting in a way, to know that every person you pass on the street or sip coffee next to has their own web of connections, stresses and joys. Thanks for sharing, iwillbloom 🙂


  4. Zoe Rose says:

    I love so many of these, especially the literature websites and creative living post 🙂 hooe you feel better soon, rest well!


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