What’s your why?


Day 9 of Fab-ruary finds me feeling very under the weather [a flu-type virus that’s knocked me for six; it must be really virulent as I hardly ever get ill :(] So…no post from me today (I’m just not feeling up to it….). I’ll be back when I feel slightly more human (hopefully tomorrow!)…

Have a lovely ‘start to the week’ everyone!


15 thoughts on “What’s your why?

  1. Hope you get well very soon, Helen. As I tell all my friends when they’re under the weather: “drink a lot of tea and have a good long rest!” 🙂


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hia….thank you!!! So lovely of you!!! I *did* sleep all morning (yikes!) and have drunk about 10.5l of tea today and am feeling better!!!!! Not 100% but at least I can move now, which is always a bonus 😉 Thank you!!!


  2. Chelsea says:

    Oh no! I’m so sorry your sick! I hope you get well asap and can get back to it all. Thinking and praying for wellness for you today!



  3. Barbara says:

    So sorry to heal you are not well! Praying you heal quickly – get plenty of rest when you can! I actually came home last night not feeling well either; sore throat, ears itcy, runny nose, head ache…I think allergies; but usually don’t get the really bad sore throat with allergies. Right now am drinking a cup of hot tea (thank for that suggestion Kie!)…I LOVE hot tea; my grandmother started me loving it!!

    Feel better soon…thank you for at least setting us up with today’s Fab-ruary!!


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hia Barbara…..tea….I’m British so, of course, tea’s always on the menu (I actually can’t go much past 3.30 in the afternoon without having had my afternoon cup of tea!)…..


  4. I hope you start feeling better soon, Helen! Sending you lots of good vibes!


  5. Oh no – poor Gal!! We fought a bad bout of that a few weeks ago. It was awful so I empathize greatly. Get lots of rest, lots of fluids, and let your Littles give you lots of pampering. xoxo


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hia….thank you xxxx Feeling maybe slightly better already but, yes, there has been lots of pampering and *lots* of rest….not going to do anything strenuous for the next few days as I’m still feeling decidedly iffy but can, at least, move now!

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  6. Carrie Ann says:

    Feel better soon!! xx


  7. Liz says:

    So sorry you are not feeling well! I hope you feel better very soon…sooooo hard with little ones! You last photo/quote/definition really caught my attention. Thank you so much for sharing!! Tea = my favorite = amazing. Take care! xx


  8. Sian says:

    Aw, no! I hope you are starting to feel at least a little bit better by now x


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