Valentine’s for tea lovers

It’s Valentine’s Day soon. I’ve never been a big believer in it (I’m a ‘show your love the whole year round’ kind of girl) and this year, when all things ‘romantic love’ are still painful to consider, I’m even less convinced.

But my son wanted to make some Valentine’s cards for his friends at school and so we found ourselves perusing Pinterest for ideas. Which led to me coming across some pretty cool ‘tea-related’ Valentine’s ideas.

As I’m a Big Tea Lover (as you know!), I thought I’d make a little collection of my favourites and post them for any other tea-loving crafty types out there who might be looking for a perfect little project to take on!


Clockwise from top:

You’re tea-riffic! Found here

Make your own heart-shaped teabags! Instructions here

You’re my cup of tea – free printable here

You’re just my cup of tea – available here for purchase

Teacup envelopes instructions here

I love you as much as I love tea available here for purchase

Little teabag note and envelope instructions here

Printable teacups here

You warm my heart card found here (original post untraceable, unfortunately)

Hope you like them! They brought a smile to my face whilst I was feeling decidedly under the weather the last few days! I’ll definitely be making a few of the projects myself for various people and my daughter is already excited about having a tea party with her friends and making the teacups and filling them with biscuits!


12 thoughts on “Valentine’s for tea lovers

  1. alexa says:

    I love those teacup envelopes – what a super idea…. You’ve collated inspiring things here and presented them beautifully.


  2. Barbara says:

    Wonderful ideas for a tea-riffic Valentine’s Day. My oldest daughter usually makes Valentine’s with her youngest to share at school. A tea party for your daughter and her friends sounds great! I don’t do much with Valentine’s day either; it should be shown all year, for sure! But, I did make some cards this year to send out to a few of the ladies I am writing…on the FMF Snail Mail group.

    Thank you for sharing these great Valentine’s for tea lovers – I love tea, also, thanks to my grandmother who started me drinking it as a young girl!


  3. Those are so cute! I’m a tea-girl when I get sick but other than that, coffee is my drug.


  4. This just makes me smile!! I just love every single one of these ideas. So fun and adorable and to be all about tea – which I love maybe even almost as much as a British person does. Lol
    Thanks for sharing the fun!! xoxo


  5. Liz says:

    Soooooooo cute!!! I love tea!! Love all of these!! Thanks for sharing xoxo


  6. Catherine says:

    Hello lovely Helen. Good for you still entering in to the spirit of things! I love these ideas…useful for any time of the year & especially for kids to be able to make too. I think I love the wee envelopes the best, I have to say. Come to think of it there are quite a few friends who spring to mind…I could easily send a card & a tea bag message, couldn’t I. I’d love to get something like that in the mail. It’d make me smile. Much love sweet friend, Catherine x0x0x


    • iwillbloom says:

      Catherine! So nice to ‘see’ you here! I love the mini envelopes too! Yes, they’re all quite easy to make and I can imagine they’d be very well received!


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