Dream big, whistle-y Weeze


I’ve always had big dreams. Always been a dreamer.

I used to get told off in class for whistling. I’d whistle when I was happy, whistle when I was thinking, whistle all the time, generally. And, apparently, people don’t like whistlers. Or so I was told. Repeatedly.

I come from a fairly relaxed, care-free, home, where we were allowed to be children, which meant being allowed to roam free, to explore, to play, to create, to think for ourselves. 

My whistling became my first experience of being told not. And I didn’t like it. Not one bit. As my whistling was me and I didn’t like being told I couldn’t be me. 

It didn’t seem constructive, this not. It seemed authoritarian for the sake of being authoritarian and so I’d find ways of getting around the not. 

This attitude, I think, is what propelled me to follow the not. Wherever I found a not, I’d go in to it, rather than avoiding it. [Not that I was a problem child, far from it; my desire to follow the not and be a ‘good girl’ would entail all sorts of creative problem solving on my part!].

Fast forward a few decades…

You can’t go to London to study. You can’t start a business.

…..You can’t, you can’t, you can’t. You shouldn’t. You shouldn’t. You shouldn’t…..

It goes in one ear and out the other.

It’s made me a life-long dreamer.

Dreams as big as houses, cities, countries.

Dreams lost, dreams conquered, adventures had, lessons learned, life lived.

A lot more life to live.

I read somewhere the other day (on the four-hour work week guy’s blog somewhere, I think) that you should dream ten times bigger.

The logic being that if you dream ten times bigger, you’re bound to reach some of your dreams and it’ll propel you well on the way to the achievement of your Big Mother Dream.

I like the idea.

I’ve been dreaming Big this week.

10x bigger.

Whistling to my heart’s content all the time.

[This is my response for Day 13 of Fab-ruary; list of prompts here]


16 thoughts on “Dream big, whistle-y Weeze

  1. blondeusk says:

    My youngest daughter is always whistling and staring into space dreaming of something. Lovely to watch and am impressed she can whistle so clearly at 9..


  2. alexa says:

    I have never been able to whistle, so I envy your carefree ability to do so! Dreaming very big so that some of your dreams at least will get caught in the net is a very energising thought.


  3. Sian says:

    I can’t whistle either! But I’m pretty good at dreaming


  4. Barbara says:

    Me, I’m no whistler! But, whistle on, my friend, and DREAM BIG and BIGGER dreams for yourself and your littles! My dream? Maybe it really HAS been fulfilled; but there is more to come! I’ll share later!

    Thanks for sharing!


  5. zareenn3 says:

    That is the most adorable thing I have ever heard. Whistling. That you used to whistle as a child. I can imagine a very cute you, a child version of you whistling. Adorable.

    I think it’s what a lot of parents do. I think people would actually restrict others from having hopes and dreams if they could. It’s the same everywhere. The most important thing is to do what you did. You didn’t back down or let it demotivate you. You actually came out much stronger. Bravo.

    I’m a dreamer too so I can totally relate. Dream big, always


  6. What comes through so much from you my Helen…from your big dreams to almost every post…is your strength and tenacity! I so admire the STRONG in you. So keep dreaming big and keep whistling dear Friend. It’s obviously working and I love that you share it.


    • iwillbloom says:

      Thank you, you xxxx I think I talk strong more than I am strong, sometimes, but definitely getting stronger every day…..thank you xxxx {You’ll never know how much I needed to read your comment today, just now…thank you xxxx}


  7. Carrie Ann says:

    I like the logic behind dreaming 10x bigger. This prompt really got me thinking, and it’s very difficult to share your dreams with people, because of the “that’s crazy…you can’t do that” factor. It’s encouraging to see that you have achieved some of your dreams already.

    I loved that something as simply as whistling, (or the not to whistle), shaped who you are today. I’m surprised at how many people can’t whistle. My sister has never been able to, so I guess I got the extra whistle gene because I have the ear-piercing, whistle with your fingers talent, that is great at sporting events, (but not so much to the people directly around you) LOL…plus my kids think it’s pretty cool too. 🙂 Continue to whistle while you work at making all your dreams come true!! xx


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hia….I think you need one person – just one person – that you trust and feel you can confide in….and then, one you’ve confided your dreams…..it kind of makes it all real and makes it easier for them to start to come true….I’ve never been a big believer in the nay-sayers……but I am a big believer in that ‘one person’ (whoever that might be for you….it’s been various people for me – my Grandad, my Dad, a very good friend……)…..life’s for living, for living every moment ALIVE…..

      Liked by 1 person

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