Kindness Counts Friday: 13/02

kindness counts

Kindness Counts Friday (Kim’s original idea that I’m babysitting): time to recount tales of kindness we’ve engaged in, received or witnessed and time for me to share some kindness-related ‘bits and bobs’ I’ve seen on my travels around the internet.

Kind acts engaged in:

I haven’t been feeling well this week ūüė¶ But we did manage to make some little Valentine’s tokens for my son’s school friends and for my daughter’s friends from nursery. They had a ball making them and are¬†very¬†excited about handing them out to their friends. It’s the little things like this that make life happy, isn’t it?!

Kindnesses received:

– Lots and lots of ‘get better soon’ wishes from my blogging friends (thank you so much!)

– An amazing Christmas package from an Australian penpal (thanks Eva!)….my son and daughter were¬†over the moon¬†with the gifts enclosed for them. Her kindness touched me so, so much.

– A very kind postal worker who, hearing that my son had yet to receive a package we’ve been expecting for a while, went out of his way to locate said package and deliver it to him as he stepped off the bus from school yesterday.¬†Definitely over and above the call of duty¬†and so much appreciated (by son and Mama alike)!

Kind acts witnessed:

I find as I’m out and about nowadays, I’m more attuned to seeing kindness.

I see it in a lot of places: a helpful hand for the older lady struggling to get on the bus; a gentle word for the boy injured, and crying, in front of his mates at football practice; employees going over and above their expected duties; words of encouragement for the little girl frightened to do her presentation; men holding the door open for ladies, young and old.

I love that, by looking for kindnesses for a few months now (as a way of overcoming my personal circumstances), my eye has become trained to see kindness, as a default. As a consequence I feel I live in a much kinder world. I like that.

Kindness-related internets:

Rosa’s Fresh Pizza in Philadelphia….pizza sells for $1.00 a slice. Customers can donate $1.00, write on and stick a post-it note on the wall, and anyone who’s in need of food can head in, take a post-it note and get a ‘free’ slice of pizza….8,300 slices of pizza have been donated so far.¬†Imagine if more restaurants did something like this!¬†

Artists using their talents to make hospitals more aesthetically pleasing 

– Love this news piece about a Californian county that’s declared itself a Kindness Zone. Adore the idea of the place becoming shrouded in blue ribbons as a symbolic way of registering acts of kindness witnessed. Beautiful.

Here’s to the world becoming a kinder place.

I read some very wise words this week (recounted by¬†Alexa), in a comment on Barbara’s blog.

The world is always going to have strife and anguish, and bad things will always happen.

We can’t explain why, we can’t give an answer for why but – as the words said…

“God is in the response, not the event”…

We can always control our responses.

As often as possible, let’s try to make those responses be fuelled by kindness.

For me, that’s where God lies: in every day acts of kindness, every day acts of taking time to witness beauty and taking time to offer witness to¬†good.¬†


8 thoughts on “Kindness Counts Friday: 13/02

  1. blondeusk says:

    Lovely Kindness Counts post ūüôā


  2. Chelsea says:

    Always love these – I feel like it has helped me to open my eyes to little acts of kindness around us. Last night we took our wilds roller skating and these little middle schoolers gave each kind two dollars so they could play some of the games- I thought it was so crazy kind. Hope your feeling better, and you and your littles have a great valentines weekend!


  3. Sian says:

    Always a good read! We were brought up to believe in kindness..and I was really quite grown up before I realised that not everyone was that lucky. I used to think everyone knew how to be kind, but that when someone was unkind it was then a conscious choice and not simply that they didn’t know. Does that make sense? Now I know differently of course: the world needs more posts urging kindness. Just like this one.


    • iwillbloom says:

      Sian….I think you hit the nail on the head. I was also brought up surrounded by kindness so, by a sort of osmosis, just sucked that in and am like that (for me it’s not anything strange or abnormal or forced, it’s just how I am) but, yes, it did hit me hard when I realised (actually quite recently!) that the world’s not like that! And I totally agree: for some people, it’s not a conscious choice to be unkind, it’s just their reality….that hit me hard and is something I’m still trying to get my head around (I’ve given up counting the number of times I’ve been called naive these past eighteen months or so).


  4. Barbara says:

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful – as always! – post on Kindness Counts Friday! I have been pondering over this “Kindness” thing and have been keeping both a GRATITUDE JOURNAL and a BLESSINGS JOURNAL, as I see them as entirely different things! And, in the Blessings Journal, I have been reading through some of the Blessings (or “Kindnesses”) that have been bestowed upon me since I lost my job in Sept. 2010…not to say there weren’t any kindnesses before that! But, it occurs to me that I am not keeping a log of Kindnesses “given”; yet, when I really think about it, I don’t need to keep a log! What I need to do is be more aware of the kindnesses around me and respond, as I can, without trying to keep count or keep a log of it…and share those kindnesses on this weekly post.

    I too was sick this past week and have little to share; but will post a bit later!

    Thank you for keeping us on our toes and sharing our Blessings, or Kindnesses, each week!


    • iwillbloom says:

      Barbara……love your idea of a gratitude and a blessings journal….(yes, I kind of feel awkward posting about kindnesses ‘given’ but do it to give others ideas of how they might incorporate kindness in their day-to-day lives)…..look forward to seeing your posts! {Hoping, really hoping, you feel a little better xxx} Horrible bugs ūüė¶


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