Sunday ponderings: 08/03/15

A little mix of things I’ve spotted on my travels around the web this week:

– Loved this video, from the Love Has No Labels project….it comes with a tear-jerker alert, ladies…!

– This BBC piece about the girl who receives gifts from birds.

– Would have loved to have been able to see these literary benches across London!

– Becoming increasingly obsessed by the idea of a tiny house….love this one!

And, last but not least (because I’ve not been on t’internet much this week), this, which, amongst other things, cajoled me back to life after a rough few weeks:


Here’s to a great week, ladies!


5 thoughts on “Sunday ponderings: 08/03/15

  1. Sian says:

    I am also obsessed with the idea of a Tiny House and follow a couple of Tiny House blogs. The US show “Tiny House Nation” has just started here and it’s a favourite hour of the week for me. Everyone here wonders what I’d do with all my stuff. I’d leave it with them to store. The Tiny House is just for me 🙂


    • iwillbloom says:

      Sian….I’m kind of obsessed too…..a small house in a large large plot of land…..enough room for the littles to roam free, small enough to cosy up when the nights draw in. Small enough to avoid clutter, to free the mind to think, with large enough outdoors for regular walks in Nature……oh my…..we can but dream!


  2. alexa says:

    What a great quote … and here’s another, loving the Tiny House movement, which I first came across about three years ago. I have several books all about tiny house living and design. I am ready to move into our summer house any day now.


  3. I just found this post that I saved until I had a changed to really look at the links you shared!! I love the tiny house; but feel I’d be rather cramped, especially with 3 other people!

    The literary benches are awesome! If I were there, I’d be going around taking photos of ALL I could find! Around our town, we have had three different painted animal statues…manatees (or sea cows), then jaguars, then turtles…and you know, the scrapper I am – I have scrapbooks of ALL of the statues AND made a trip one 4th of July weekend to take photos of painted GOATS!!! I am obsessed with taking “series” photos…maybe I’ll do a fun blog post sometime and share photos!!

    Thanks for sharing your Sunday ponderings!


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