Get to know your blogland neighbour

My lovely, lovely blog friend Carrie from Northwood’s Scrapbook has had the great idea of posing/answering a few questions about ourselves and inviting others to do the same, as a (great) way of getting to know each other a little better.

Here goes, in answer to some of the questions she posed….

1. How long have you been blogging?

Since September 1st 2014 (just over 6 months!)

2. To visualise what you look like, what colour is your hair? Your eyes? How tall are you?

I have long (but, unfortunately, not thick) chestnut-coloured hair, green/yellow-y/hazel eyes (depending on the light) and I’m 1.67m tall (I think!). I can most usually be found wearing either pyjamas (whilst in my natural environment) or inappropriately fancy attire in the street. 

3. What’s your favourite colour?

Blue or green. The calming colours of Nature. 

4. What’s your favourite kind of music?

Jazz, baby….my son calls it ‘Mama’s weird music’, but I just know he’ll grow to love it 😉

5. What’s your favourite food or kind of food?

Thai or Indian. Anything spicy spicy spicy with lots of complex flavours. Or cake! A good big piece of cake with a cup of tea. 

6. What’s your favourite drink?

Tea! Earl Grey. Camomile. Depending on the time of day (camomile for breakfast and bedtime, Earl Grey for all other times. Tea at 3 is obligatory in my home!)

7. What’s your favourite place you’ve ever traveled? And where would you like to travel that you haven’t so far?

Favourite place travelled: probably Mexico. I’d like to travel to many places: Thailand…Paris….Japan…..India….

8. What famous person (dead or alive) would you like to meet and why?

Oh my goodness….! So difficult! Shakespeare (imagine sharing a few beers with him! [And I don’t even drink!] It’d be the best night of your life. Pretty much guaranteed!)…..Richard Branson (business tips galore!)…….Martin Scorsese (his creativity might rub off on me!)….Anthony Hopkins (no explanation needed!)….Hemingway (so he could teach me his tricks for getting down and dirty and bare in my writing)….a day’s photographing things with Cartier Bresson…..Mother Theresa (no explanation needed)…..Rumi (I imagine I’d just sit in awe)…..Da Vinci (imagine!)……Picasso……oh my goodness… many many people I’d love to meet! 

9. What new or unique hobby would you like to try?

Hhhmmm…..difficult…..mountain climbing? I fear I’m too old to scale Everest but I sorely wish I could just set off and make it as far as possible up a bloody big mountain….something about the call of the wild and the idea of ‘Its not the mountain we conquer, it’s ourselves’ that’s attractive to me at the moment…

10. What’s something unusual about you that people might not know?

Hhmmm….I’m kind of an unusual person, so there’s probably a million things…..and I can’t think of any right now….hhhmmm….I can speed read? And can read with the book upside down/wrong way up/backwards, you name the position of the book, I can read it like that. Weird…..or the fact that I really can’t stand it when I get toothpaste on my hands….yuck yuck and triple yuck….

Looking forward to other people joining in (and to reading your posts)!


39 thoughts on “Get to know your blogland neighbour

  1. Well, I’ll have a go.

    1) Blogging since 2012. Originally on various topics, now oriented to marriage and relationships (which is a weird change of career for an ex-paramilitary).
    2) 5′ 9″, and see the picture for hair and eyes. I’m the one with the sunglasses, and I always wear them.
    3) Turquoise!
    4) Music…depends on what I’m doing. Anything from Gottschalk to AC/DC.
    5) I don’t really like to eat…pancreatic cancer sucks that way.
    6) Lo-Carb Monster Drink
    7) I’ve been a lot of places I don’t want to revisit…mainly because people were shooting at me. But I did enjoy some aspects of…uh, a certain Caribbean country which I’ll leave gracefully nameless as some of the natives were rather unfriendly. I’d like to visit the Falklands, for some reason.
    8) I wish I could have met Leonard Cheshire. The only VC for sustained courage over time.
    9) I’d love to learn to play the bagpipes.
    10) I have some expertise in 19th century art history; and, before an injury to my right hand, was an accomplished landscape painter. Those who meet me typically think, from my appearance, that such inclinations might be limited to the level of Lascaux cave paintings.


    • Shauna841505 says:

      Ahhhhh #6. I was addicted for YEARS. Now I want one again. 😉

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      • Well, they pay me a retainer to get people re-addicted. 🙂

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      • Shauna841505 says:

        They should. I think I know what my Saturday treat will be, since I can no longer drink one during the weekday and still get to bed at a normal hour. Before, I could drink one and fall asleep right after!


      • It’s a wonderful treat.

        I drink them in the evening, but that’s when I write…I don’t sleep much anyway.

        But recently, one of my service dogs, a heeler, knocked over the full, open can, and drank it. Lardon (that’s her name) is a wonderful caretaker…forces me to rest by pushing me away from the computer…but she has a bit of the “cruise director from hell” personality with the other dogs, and Ladron with a full can of Monster in her certainly gave validity to the drink’s name.

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      • Shauna841505 says:

        Oh my gosh!!!! I cannot imagine! It’s like a dog on crack! My cat tries to drink my wine, but steers clear of energy drinks. 😉

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      • I was once host to the Great Canine Wine-Tasting Party…dropped a gallon bottle, and the dogs cleaned it up while I was trying to keep them from the glass.

        A shepherd, two pit bulls, and a coonhound, all drunk…not a pretty sight.

        The shepherd found that she could only walk backwards, and walked herself into a corner, which made her furious. the coonhound and one of the pits walked a conga line through the house, knocking over anything in their path, and the other pit decided to take a dignified sleep on my desk…after clearing it of papers and laptop.

        And one other pit was furious, because she missed the whole show, having to recuperate from surgery!

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    • Hopeannfaith says:

      Andrew, loved your answers. I love AC/DC too! I told my Aunt when I got married (almost 13 years ago) when she asked what my wedding song was going to be that I had chosen – For those about to Rock! The surprise was all mine, she knew the song! =)
      I answered all these questions on my blog … stop by if you like. Be blessed and you’re in my prayers.

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    • iwillbloom says:

      Andrew….so good to know a little more about you….(hadn’t realised that it’s pancreatic cancer you have and now feel really awful having asked about food)….

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      • No need to feel guilty! I’m rather pleased…now I have something in common with Patrick Swayze (AND Luciano Pavarotti!).

        I intend to beat this thing back through sheer force of will and stubbornness. I’m quite certain the Hell won’t have me, as i would be a terribly disruptive influence, and Heaven isn’t ready for me yet. They’ll need to organize for crisis counseling ahead of time, as I intend to rock on as I’ve been going on.

        Force of will, because as events have transpired, I’ve no health insurance. I’ve been expensively trained to survive with minimal aids, and can run a nice blood expander IV using grocery-store supplies (bleeding is a problem), and can control pain very well with biofeedback and meditation.

        It’s rather an interesting challenge, and to quote an Aussie SAS mate with whom I deployed (please pardon this, even redacted…) “f*** me if I can’t take a joke”.


  2. alexa says:

    Nice to have some additional information about you, Helen. With a reading skill like that, I am surprised you’ve not been snapped up by MI5 or MI6!

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  3. Oh, and I forgot…I’m usually wearing shorts, boots, a loose-fitting shirt, and a ballcap.

    Shorts, because gunshot and burn injuries to my legs have made the skin sensitive; long pants, even trainers, hurt. So even when it’s snowing, I’m out there in my shorts.

    Loose-fitting shirt, because I’m used to going armed, with a pistol or at least a couple of shuriken.

    And my ballcap is lucky. I’m not superstitious; it IS lucky.

    Now, questions for you…if you dare…and if I may.

    1) What does your voice sound like? Mine is deep, rather sharp, and has an Aussie snap, with broad vowels.

    2) No easy way to ask…what do you smell like? What fragrance do you prefer? I’m outdoors in the high desert a lot, and it tends to be windy, so usually I smell…well, dusty. But I wash my clothes using a floral-scent fabric softener, which I rather like. (I also spray the dogs with it; they enjoy the atomized liquid – it’s cooling – and I think they like the smell on their fur.)

    (Oh, and shuriken are throwing stars. They can be quite a distraction to a miscreant.)


  4. Sian says:

    Mm..toothpaste..tricky stuff..


  5. Shauna841505 says:

    Oh my goodness! Anthony Hopkins scares the bejesus out of me! I cannot imagine him as anything other than Hannibel Lecter!!


  6. Thanks so much for playing along Helen – and Andrew! I loved all of your answers!!
    You sound like you look a lot how I pictured you (& similar to me with hair & eye color &height!) I LOVE all of the folks you want to meet. Such an interesting group. And just so “Helen” to me. 😉
    I like some kinds of jazz – love what your son calls it! Lol
    I like tea too – but hot tea only in winter. I mostly like iced tea.
    I love the idea of mountain climbing and just being in nature in general for a hobby. I feel too old though too! 😉 Love all the places you want to travel too. Exotic and beautiful
    And I’m amazed by your reading ability! I’ve never heard of anything like it. Is that a super power?? Lol

    I love your answers and intrigued by them all. My brother is in the military – special forces green beret combat medic here in the States. I have so much appreciation and respect for all military folks, so God bless you sir. xo

    I LOVE your attitude and humor in all you have obviously faced….and continue to face. Good on you brother and keep up the great work! I so think you need to take up the bagpipes! I love them so much! You can tape some recordings for us. 😉

    I’ll answer your last 2 questions since you played along so nicely:
    1. I would say my voice is not high or low – just in the middle. I’m from northern WI and close to the border of Canada so when I’ve traveled people think we’re from there and say they think we talk like them. However, I’m close to border of MN too and we also use some of their expressions (kind of like Fargo if you’ve seen that movie – but not nearly as bad!) Lol

    2. I love the fragrance by Estee Lauder called Sensuous and wear it almost every day. Definitely my favorite.


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  7. Eva says:

    So great to get to know you a little better, Helen! Love your answers… you made me smile, especially number 4! “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” – C. S. Lewis 😉


  8. Ooooh I like this idea of getting to know your blog neighbor! I too am a HUGE Thai food fan. The best. We have a place just down the street from us that we are aways pinning away to get take out from. I also like that you would love to scale a bloody mountain! You are so resilient! 🙂


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hia Heather…it’s a great idea, isn’t it? Ooh, yum,Thai food…..just the BEST! You should learn to make your own…I can’t claim to be an expert, at all, but the few things I know I’ve learnt from books – great money saver (compared to eating out or buying take-away) and great confidence-builder in the kitchen! [I’ve decided ‘Resilience’ is my middle name!]


  9. Loved reading this, Helen 🙂 So nice to get to know you better and I can relate to a lot of your answers. That you can read a book from any angle is one of the coolest things I’ve heard recently!


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hia….thank you for your comment! LOL about the reading from any angle…’s not something I even usually think of as being strange, I’ve just kind of always been able to do it… used to really freak out my teachers 😉


  10. Rachel G says:

    Indian food! You have good taste. And green eyes? Beautiful! I’ve always thought green was the coolest color for eyes to be. I don’t know if I’ll ever have the chance to travel to Mexico. Angel’s grandma still lives there, and he has other relatives there, but he hasn’t been to visit since he was in high school, and he doesn’t seem inclined to go back…


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hia Rachel……I didn’t know Angel is Mexican…..perhaps he may feel the pull to travel back once you have children? [It somehow makes you long for your roots, in my experience]……Dios mio…..el sabe hacer burritos de papa? Me encanta, me encanta…..son riquisimos!!!!!!! [LOL!!! I am food obsessed!]


  11. Hopeannfaith says:

    Helen, it was nice to get to know you better! I have green eyes too. =) I thank you for sharing Carrie B.’s post. I’ve been having difficulty getting word to page lately. It was nice to be inspired. I played along and answered with a blog post of my own.
    Be blessed.


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