One + Four = Life

Have been thinking about doing a ‘weekly review’ type post for a while and I stumbled upon Pip’s ‘One + Four = Life’ idea (love her blog Meet MeAt Mike’s…), so I’m in. {Am also combining it with her Taking Stock idea}

I’ll be doing these posts on Saturdays from now on. Can’t wait! It’ll be a brilliant record of what’s happening in my life and will help me get back in to the routine of picking my camera up and capturing daily life. A win-win situation! Yay!

So, here goes….with my collage of four pictures…


It was a hopeful kind of week, this last week. A week where I got back to my desk and down to work again. Where I’ve found myself being totally and utterly overjoyed at my daughter’s creativity (she sits and makes art for hours each day) but overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of art she produces (What will I do with it all?! There’s only so much I can fit in our Project Life album! But I simply can’t throw any of it away….what to do?!).

A week where I came out of the kitchen to find her drawing a Minnie Mouse: her most detailed drawing so far. There was an audible gasp of amazement from me and a hug and big big laughy smiles from her (definitely one of those moments that, as you’re living them, you just know you’ll remember forever!).

And a week where the gold wedges came back in to action. [Do you have pieces of clothing or accessories that are like shields/weapons? Ones you know you’ll put on and you’ll feel like you’ll kick ass whatever you do/wherever you go? I do….and these gold wedges are one of those items for me. They’ve been out of action for a while (it takes a fair bit of gumption to wear them, after all – they are gold and four inches high!) but I’m pleased to announce to the Universe (which better be listening) that they’re back and they’re not being retired any time soon.

Universe, remember….Helen + gold wedges = formidable! [LOL!].

A week where I’ve been:

– reading: How to get filthy rich in rising Asia by Mohsin Hamid. Loving it. 

– hearing: 

It arrived to me at a moment of desperation and has been on repeat, cheering me up and stopping me sliding back in to sad sad thoughts. [Thank you ‘you who knows you sent it to me’; much appreciated].

– enjoying: watching my two littles interacting. They’re like any brother and sister – they alternate between fights and kisses but they seem to have turned a corner this week, after the rough patch we’ve all been through, and are the best of friends again. It’s too cute to see them together!

– eating: humous by (what feels like) the bucket full. Can’t get enough of it. And homemade avocado and coconut ice cream (oh my, it’s heavenly!)

– feeling: hopeful. Like one of those sunny Spring mornings when you just want to jump out of bed and sing along with the larks.

– loving: fresh clean sheets and turning the pillow over at night so it’s nice and fresh and cool when I put my head back down on it. [Oh, the simple pleasures of life!]…and Britney’s Chatty Monday posts (her energy and effervescence are contagious and I really can’t wait to see her launch her cute baby onesies!) and Julie’s Portable Magic posts (so, so well written. I love them, can’t click through fast enough whenever I see one of them appear in my Bloglovin list)…

– watching: films….The Lucky One (oh my, Zac Efron, you naughty boy, you are sooooo Mighty Fine!!!); A Feast of Love (I’m in the middle of a Morgan Freeman obsession, and he is lovely in this. Greg Kinnear is also just great in this!); The Holiday (on repeat; I’m obsessed, also, with Kate Winslet in this, and the story is just so so sweet!). There’s nothing deep or taxing on my viewing list – just good, simple, delightful feel good films. “Ooooomph!” injections for my soul.

– making: lots of things. Scrapbook LO’s. Project Life spreads. Hand-lettered passages from the Bible (I woke up one morning with a crazy itch to make them).

– marvelling at: how my son manages to play football so well and how he gets on so well with all his football friends. It’s a joy to see him with them. Pure joy. 

– wanting: to travel to Italy. Like desperately. I need me some Italian saturation. In the meantime, I’m getting my eye candy/Italian immersion substitute at The Sartorialist“Grab it where you can, Helen, grab it where you can” [LOL!]

– wishing: I was sat in a cafe in Italy somewhere. Having just eaten spaghetti a la vongole with a glass of very cold very dry white wine (writes she, who doesn’t drink) and the sun just going down. People watching. Tuning my ear to the language (because my mind just doesn’t want to go past ‘very basic beginners level’ Italian….ggggrrrr….).

– admiring: Sofia Vergara for just being so her and so committed to being her….

– waiting: to go to the cinema with my daughter and two of her friends to see Cinderella. They’re going to go dressed as Princesses. I think I’m more excited about it than she is!!!!! [Do you think could go dressed as a Princess?]

In summary, it’s been a “generally just feeling hopeful again” sort of week [Thank the Heavens! Shout it from the rooftops!]

Here’s to a great week for everyone!

Helen xxxx

[P.S. How many exclamation marks in this post?!!!!!]

[P.P.S. This is my 200th post on I Will Bloom….fancy a giveaway of a ‘mystery surprise item’? All commenters will be entered and I will post internationally. Draw will happen, and winners will be announced, on Sunday 5th April….go on, you know you want to be in with a chance of winning a mystery item! (which, I guarantee, won’t be rubbish)].


23 thoughts on “One + Four = Life

  1. Britney says:

    You’re the sweetest! I’m glad you are lying my posts!! And I’m so excited about this now type of post from you!! I love that cute Minnie Mouse drawing! It’s very detailed!


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hia…I’m really excited about it, too (even I was bored with my ‘woe is me’ posts over the last six weeks or so!)….isn’t the Minnie Mouse drawing just *too* cute?!….consider yourself entered in the draw, lady….xxxx Have a great evening xxx

      Liked by 1 person

      • Britney says:

        I’m just really happy that you are in a good mood 🙂 I’m glad to have my hopeful Helen back!! I’m excited to maybe win that cute drawing 🙂 I would display it with pride!


  2. iwillbloom says:

    Hah! Now there’s a good idea for the surprise! [But my Mama hoarder/scrapbooker instincts would kick in an wouldn’t allow me to part with something so precious!]….you’re such a sweetie…I’m also very happy that Happy Helen is back (with a vengeance; I blame the gold wedges!!!)…xxxx


  3. Love the post, Helen!! And the Minnie drawing is precious; and definnitely one that a “Mama hoarder/scrapbooker” would want to keep! I think you should go to the Cinderella movie sporting your gold wedges! GO YOU!!! So happy to read a happy Helen’s heart! Glad that you had a “generally just feeling hopeful again” sort of week!!! Praying it continues!

    Thanks again for sharing your posts!


  4. Isabel says:

    Hey there! Good to see that you are joining in with One + Four = Life, it’s a great idea isn’t it?
    Those gold wedges are gorgeous 🙂 I have a little silk jacket with flowers on it, whenever I put it on I feel really smart and confident…it’s my special item. That books sounds interesting too, I would like to get filthy rich in modern Asia if possible (who wouldn’t?)…will check it out! Have a good week 🙂 Isabel


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hi Isabel….it *is* a great idea! Love the sound of your jacket! Here’s to ‘special’ items that make us feel great! I definitely recommend the book….(it’s fiction, not a ‘how to’!)….you have a good week too!! Helen

      Liked by 1 person

  5. jenjo22 says:

    Love love that Minnie mouse drawing-awesome. I enjoyed reading all you have been up to and that Ellen clip was too funny:)


    • iwillbloom says:

      Yeah, the Minnie Mouse drawing is just *too cute*! Took my breath away when I saw what she was drawing (she’s only just 5!)…isn’t the clip too funny? I’m in stitches, doubled over, every time I see it! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment…..Helen


  6. Lizelle says:

    I’m glad you’re leaning towards the wonder and magic of life again. May it seep through your skin, settle in your bones and dance around your soul making it’s home there ♥


  7. Carrie Ann says:

    Love these kinds of posts!! Thanks for sharing the vid of Sophia Vergara and Ellen, I love them both, Ellen ALWAYS makes me laugh!!

    I too have very creative talented kids in the drawing department. Amazes me, because I don’t draw…at all. But I have had to deal with the thousands of drawings that they have made…times 4. My oldest daughter and my middle son were the ones that really produced a lot. You love their creativity and their passion…but yes, where do you put them all? The fridge is only so big, lol. So what I did was get them each a 3-ring, one inch binder (one that has the plastic cover where they could insert a picture as the cover) and sheet protectors. They slid their masterpieces into the sheet protectors, they are protected, and they can easily be viewed. They have enjoyed showing their work(s) to friends and family, kinda like a portfolio. I have to say though, my middle son has a filled a few.

    I would love to see your hand-lettered passages from the bible. Are you just writing them out, or are they actually fancy lettering? I love to physically write, and love all things with letters and fancy or unique fonts.

    Yes…you could have dressed like a princess, but being that you were taking princesses to the movie, you should have dressed like the Queen…with your gold wedges!! 😉

    So glad you had a wonderful, hopeful week!! Here’s to another one!! xx


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hi Carrie Ann…thanks for your comment! I love Ellen, too. Always funny and so compassionate too.

      Thanks for the tip about the art. I try to put as much as I can in our Project Life album (or scrapbooks) but there’s *so much* of it, I’ve got piles everywhere around my office. I’ll definitely grab some binders and page protectors this week and give it a go. [I know she’ll end up archiving everything herself, she’s that kind of girl, so I think this will really work for us…thank you].

      The Bible passages…I’m making collage backgrounds and then hand painting them on top of that background, in my hand writing. I’m really enjoying making them and may well do a post about them. [I also love all things ‘calligraphy’, although can’t, for the life of me, achieve any decent results when I try to do fancy fonts].

      LOL about dressing as a Queen….I’ll have to see if the other Mums are game for it (I think not!)….

      Liked by 1 person

      • Julie says:

        Well, I was enjoying this post even before you mentioned me! [Compliments about my writing go straight to my heart]. Thank you.x The gold shoes are fab – for me it’s silver. I don’t know how many pairs is too many … And- this and your other post reminded me … there’s a phrase my Mam/sister and I picked up from an Australian show called ‘Kath & Kim’ years ago: when they’d talk about dressing up they referred to it as dressing ‘tizzy’. So ‘dress tizzy’ has become shorthand between us when we’re checking what each other is earing for an occasion etc. And it sounds to me that you’re getting your own tizzy back! Go tizzy!


      • iwillbloom says:

        Hia…compliments should go straight to your heart – those posts of yours are *fab*!!! Love the idea of ‘dressing tizzy’…..I’ll think of it often! And it sounds really cool: ‘I got my tizzy back, oh yeah, I got my tizzy back oh yeah’ (LOL!!!!)


  8. Barbara says:

    so glad you got your tizzy back, oh yeah! so glad you got your tizzy back oh yeah!!!!!!!!!


  9. Love this idea!! You and me…just wishing to be at a cafe in Italy…oh gosh. And yes I loveeeee The Lucky One. It’s my go-to, my own personal girls night with me, myself and I, with wine and chocolate. It’s just a big cheese and it’s wonderful.


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hia! You know where to come when you want to effervesce about Italy!! Oh my, I didn’t know you love The Lucky One – it’s *so* cheesy but *so* good!!!!!!!!! Perfect ‘personal girls night with me’ film. It’s *so* nice….he’s so – what should I say?!! – “nice”, the whole story is just lovely…..


  10. alexa says:

    Your daughter’s drawing is wonderful! And I am very much hoping that you post us the recipe for that coconut and avocado ice-cream … Lovely to hear your brighter and more optimistic tone :).


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hia….yes, the drawing is lovely, isn’t it? I can certainly post the recipe…..will do that sometime soon! (It’s so much nicer to *feel* brighter and more optimistic!) xxx


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