Sunday ponderings 29/03/15

Some things I’ve found on my travels around the information superhighway this week that I thought you might like:

– This little library in Canada! Imagine if the idea caught on! Wonderful!

– This food blog – The Sugar Hit – just the right amount of quirk and some lovely recipes…her writing is something special! Love this post especially! So clever! So full of energy!

– Love these kind of stories – so heart-warming….

This fascinating piece about the New South Wales herbarium…

This Pinterest board (home redecoration) from a favourite scrapper of mine, Mardi Winen: I’m feeling itchy, wanting to move things around/get rid of ‘stuff’/make changes at home….love the inspiration on this board! I can feel a remodel coming on….(“zero budget but lots of determination” remodelling – go Helen!)

This post from Yelle at Tender Roots – quotes from her teenage diary. Great idea for a post and a great post.

– Love Jon Jorgenson and his blog and love this post….“Progress in disguise”.

Great post from Tammy Strait on how to deal with difficult people – lessons in there that we all should learn!

 And, last but not least, this – from a writer I admire greatly:


“Be love”…there’s a great thought!


2 thoughts on “Sunday ponderings 29/03/15

  1. I love that little library!!! Such a neat idea. We have one in our neighborhood but I think whoever started it, forgot about it because it’s all dusty and has spiders now! Eeek! This particular one in Canada looks so charming 🙂


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