Kindness Counts Friday

kindness counts

It’s Friday!…..time for Kindness Counts Friday! [Kim’s brilliant idea that I’m baby sitting]

Time to recount the kind acts we’ve engaged in, received and witnessed….

Here goes….

Kind acts we’ve engaged in:

– Gifting a whole load of books to various people. I felt I was being called to give them away, like a really strong feeling telling me certain people needed to read them. It was strangely liberating and comforting at the same time.

– I was asked to lead a meditation this week. Not as grand as it sounds: it was for a few friends here who are interesting in learning how to meditate, so they came round and we did a meditation together. It went really well and who knew that the effects of meditation are magnified when it’s done in the presence of others?!

Kind acts received:

– The ‘family commissioner’ (seeing I was without legal representation and was slightly apprehensive about the whole thing, especially regarding the ‘language issues’) went out of his way to be especially patient, ensuring I was understanding everything. It made a huge difference to how I felt about the whole thing. [Things went well for us, thank goodness. Huge sigh of relief.]

– Strange one this one. But thank you to ‘Take That’ whose song ‘How deep is your love’ made me dance with joy and cry tears of happiness as I got back from said meeting…you know when you just needed to hear something at some moment and you just feel totally better afterwards?! [And, yep, I did just admit to getting emotional over a Take That song!]

– I was gifted a series of sessions with a Pranic energy healer. It worked wonders. I’m a little in awe of how well it worked and how quickly and am beginning to feel I should start to believe in magic! (whilst my rational brain wants to Google my sense of wonder and awe in to oblivion, until I understand how and why it’s worked…). I am literally amazed at the effects it’s had in my life. When I think of my Dr, I always think of her as ‘my miracle worker’. It’s one of those meetings that I sort of already know will change the course of my life.

– Football practice, near-hurricane conditions, lightning all around. Me and the littles the only people who don’t have a car to be able to escape awful weather conditions. One Very Kind Mum piled us in to her car and rescued us from certain ‘soaking to the skin and possible electrocution’!

Kinds acts witnessed:

– An elderly couple, helping a toddler unwrap their ice cream. They took such obvious delight in seeing his anticipation and were chuckling to themselves a long while after he’d run off, ice cream in mouth, happy as Larry (I didn’t actually future out who’d been the kinder party!)

– A ‘donate your hair’ day at the hairdressers just near us. A whole load of women rushing in to cut inches off their hair to donate it…amazing. I’ll definitely be donating mine when I go for my haircut!

– A bake sale at my son’s school. A very sizeable sum raised towards buying a member of the ‘auxiliary’ staff a home. [They do various events like this throughout the year and put all the proceeds towards a new home (which cost around $12,000) and raffle the home off amongst the auxiliary staff each year. Since my son’s been at that school, six homes have been donated through this process! Donations have also helped fund the construction of a local three-room school in the area and a small, but functioning, medical centre. Incredible.]

I’ll leave you with this image: such a great little motto to live be. If only we, as humans, could be guided by its sentiment at all times!


I’ll be back with ‘One + Four‘ tomorrow and back to blogging more regularly shortly…..

Have a great weekend, all!

Helen xxx


10 thoughts on “Kindness Counts Friday

  1. Sian says:

    I’m very pleased to hear that your meeting went well.

    Have a good weekend


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hia Sian, yeah, it was better than I’d expected. One down, several more to go….but at least we’re now ‘going’….it feels like a giant step forward….you have a lovely weekend, too….can’t wait to see your ‘Me on Monday’ post…they’re always a highlight of my day on Mondays!


  2. alexa says:

    That’s lovely news to hear that a) your healing sessions are having great benefits for you and b) you are getting great courtesy and support in those legal proceedings. Continuing to think of you and your little ones warmly …


  3. Barbara says:

    Good to hear things are looking good – healing sessions and the “meeting”. I also give books away…the appropriate ones I take to church where we just leave books for a kind of “swap”; others I do “try” to sell to a used book store for credit (so I can buy more books!!); and then I also donate to organizations like Hospice thrift store or Salvation Army or Goodwill thrift stores. I have a bag of books ready for each of those sources.

    A great idea to share your meditation with others! I don’t think listening to that song and dancing and tearing up is a strange thing! I find myself singing along with the radio – always! And, when I am watching one of our competitiion singing shows, I also sing along with the contestants if I know the song!!

    Your kindnesses witnessed and participated in and found on Internet – always great to read them!! I have a few; not many that I have written down to remember…will share today!!


    • iwillbloom says:

      Barbara….so nice to imagine you singing along at the top of your voice! I love American Idol….find it quite addicting….I’ve actually just asked for the telly service to be installed because they start to broadcast the current AI season here around this time of year….it’s always a Good Thing to see what JLo will wear and to see what comments she makes 😉


  4. Shauna841505 says:

    As always, amazing. You, and all the others you witness. Have a wonderful weekend!


  5. Carrie Ann says:

    Always enjoy these posts, just love to read about people helping each other. I am also interested in learning how to meditate, have been reading a few articles about the benefits of it, and I am currently reading a book on how to actually get it started. I had to laugh about you googling your sense of wonder, I would do the same thing, having to know how and why something works. That’s why I’m still reading about meditating and not actually doing it :-|, lol.

    So glad to hear that things are getting better for your family, and that you have had moments for yourself to renew and refresh. I also love how you involve your kids in helping others, that example will go a long way. Growing up I always saw my parents helping people whenever they could with whatever, and now I do the same. Hope you have a fabulous weekend!! xx


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hi Carrie Ann, so glad to hear you’re learning about how to meditate…..I’d definitely really recommend using a guided meditation CD when you first start…..feel free to email me if you have any questions (I’m by no means an expert but may be able to help)….yes, I do believe its really important to set a good example for my children. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend! Helen

      Liked by 1 person

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