One + Four = Life (3rd May)

Joining in with Pip’s 1+ 4 = Life… her blog, Meet Me At Mikes

A lovely kind of week this week. Lots of work. Lots of play. Lots of ‘I’m feeling great. Wow! It’s nice to feel like this’ sort of moments…..

The week when…


– We decided to have a ‘closet clear out’ which turned in to a ‘Mama, try all your dresses on’ afternoon, which turned in to a ‘Mama, look at me!’ sort of afternoon, as she tried all my shoes/jewellery/hats on, modelling them worryingly well. She’s definitely an exhibitionist, my littlest little one!

– My son gifted me a rose. We were walking past some flower stalls at the side of the rose, he disappeared for a minute and appeared with a rose….”for you, Mama”, the biggest smile on his face….I don’t know how he managed to convince the stall holder to give it to him, but it was most welcome. It’s sat on the kitchen shelf and makes me smile every time I see it. 

– The Rainbow Loom reappeared with a vengeance. It’s amazing to see him, learning so, so quickly and creating incredible things from youtube tutorials….what did we do before youtube?

– My son wanted to go to the zoo so he could take photos. I’m all for encouraging this hobby, so off we went. Picnic lunch, camera in hand and a keen eye for a good shot… this photo he took of the model shark….

And the week when I’ve been…..

Loving Maurice Sendak’s illustrations of Grimms Fairy Tales. Such exquisite details!

Lusting after new clothes…this shirt from J. Crew (oh my!); this dress from Michael Kors (swoon!); this dress from Anthropologie (have never before seen such a perfect dress!); this skirt, this skirt and this skirt (love ‘weird print’ clothing!)….and am on a search for a perfect pencil-shaped denim skirt….like this – love the one here and this 70s style one here….[Tell me I’m not the only one who stores ‘Clothes they’d love to buy if only they had the money’ on Pinterest?!!]

Reading (again) One Simple Act: Discovering the Power of Generosity by Debbie Macomber. Love it. Love the idea that one simple act of generosity can convert in to a multitude of unforeseen miracles.

Watching The Magic of Belle Isle and 10 Items or Less (both so sweet!). I never knew how wonderful Morgan Freeman is and I’ve been marathon-watching his films…late at night….with hot chocolate and salty popcorn… life-giving!

Listening to Ruben Gonzalez Mandinga…..“Wow”…!

Laughing at Laurel and Hardy….I challenge you not to be in fits of laughter by the end of the video!!!

Wanting to blog more often! Missing it! I need to schedule time to get my posts bulk-written and scheduled for the week ahead again…here’s to finding some time tonight for that….!

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

Helen xxxx

P.S. I had forgotten — erhhmm, overlooked the fact – that I had offered a prize on my first 1+4=Life post here (which was my 200th blog post)….to a randomly-selected winner, chosen from amongst the people who had left a comment on that post…Britney Lee, Barbara, Isabel, JenJo, Lizelle, Carrie Ann, Julie, Heather and Alexa all left comments…….and the winner is……Heather….chosen, again, by Falcao, our hamster…



23 thoughts on “One + Four = Life (3rd May)

  1. Carrie Ann says:

    Oh the hamster again!! He is so adorable, that picture just makes me smile. 😀 I sooo enjoyed online shopping with you, my favorite way to shop. Everything is so cute, I love the denim skirts. The Michael Kors dress…gorgeous!!

    I just love Laurel and Hardy, Laurel was always my favorite. This is so funny…sometimes we just need a good laugh like that!! Have a wonderful week!! xx


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hia Carrie Ann, soooo glad I’m not the only one who imaginary online shops for clothes!!!!!! (I do need some new clothes so some of the cheaper ones on my Pinterest boards *may* find their way to me once I’m paid….and the Anthropologie dress is *too perfect* so that might be deemed an ‘investment piece’ and invested in once I’m paid from a new, big, client I’ve just signed a contract with (it’ll be my ‘your back in business, girl’ dress!)…I LOVE Laurel and Hardy, too, and have been watching that little clip every time I start feeling blue… always snaps me out of it!!!!! You have a lovely week too, Helen xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Liane says:

    I cannot wait until Emilie is old enough to want to try on clothes with me! Just last week she found a pair of my shoes and was tottering around in them. I was terrified that she was going to break her ankle!

    How sweet is your son, with the rose 🙂 He is going to grow up to be such a lovely gentleman x


  3. Aw such a cute photo of your wee one. My little niece loves to play dress up too. I often have to prize my beloved necklaces out of her little hands! You son is a little prince charming! You are one lucky lady! X


  4. Lizelle says:

    I feel like Falcao needs a top hat and monocle lol Love you’re top two photos the best, such moments in life ❤


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hia Lizelle… I’m not going to tell my littles your idea (about the top hat and monocle) because they *will* attempt to dress him up….he’s already been dressed up like a ballerina and had his tiny, tiny toe nails painted (don’t ask…!)….but, I agree, he DOES look like he needs a top hat and monocle!!!


  5. Karen says:

    So many nice things here Helen! Those shoes are cute and that swan print skirt is divine. I love Pinterest and think it’s great to have “fantasy” boards x


  6. Giulia Porro says:

    I used to love dressing up with my mum’s clothes, especially her shoes 🙂 that photo of the shark your sun took is amazing!


  7. I love your update! How incredibly sweet your kiddos are my Dear. Trying on Mom’s clothes and your son getting that rose for you – so so precious!! Enjoy every second as time keeps flying doesn’t it??

    Love your clothes you admire – especially that anthropolgie dress and the Venice skirt!!

    And Laurel & Hardy have always been one of my faves!! My DAd always loved them and I grew up with them. He would go to the public library and check out vhs tapes and we would have a marathon!! Thanks for taking me down memory lane.

    Happy week ahead my dear. Kisses to you all including sweet hamster Falcao xoxo


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hia Carrie…..thanks for your comment! Yes, time doesn’t forgive at the age they’re at….it moves too too quickly! My son was at chest height at Christmas, now he’s quickly nearing my chin (and he’s only 8, nearly 9…I daren’t hazard a guess about how tall he’s going to be!)….the Anthropologie dress is so nice, isn’t it?! I am thinking I will treat myself to it as I *deserve* a treat and have just won a new (big) contract so feel like a celebration is in order….may wait to see if it goes on sale, however (!)…I *love* Laurel and Hardy too….they bring back so many memories for me too! Have a lovely week! Helen xxxx


  8. alexa says:

    Such a sweet photo of her feet in your shoes! I admire anyone who can wear heels that high … And thank-you for the music link. You find the best tunes :).


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hah, Alexa…it’s funny…I’m just a heels sort of girl…feel *so weird* when I wear flats! Love the Ruben Gonzalez song, too! I’ve just read they’re going to be doing a new Buena Vista film, so I’m going to be keeping an eye out for that (strange to wonder how, however, as most of the original artists are dead, now, unfortunately).


  9. Sian says:

    I’m smiling about the clothes lusting. I started a Pinterest board called “In another Life” for mine..and then stopped pinning because it was starting to get me down! I’ll never have the kind of life I would need to wear the clothes I really love. I used to save up and buy Vogue when I was a student.


    • iwillbloom says:

      Sian…love the idea of you saving up to buy Vogue (what a treat!)…(I’ve looked at your board and – yum! – such nice clothes! I think I’m going to host a ‘Dress as you imagine yourself in another life’ party when I get back to the UK, in honour of our arrival back….you *are* invited and it will be amazing 😉 We can all wear what makes us feel *spectacular* for one night!


  10. Ruthie says:

    I remember as a little girl going through my mums wardrobe and dressing up too! I love the shoes she has on, definitely my colour! How adorable that your little one went and asked for a rose to give to you. Little things like that must melt your heart. Hope you are having a fantastic week, Helen! x


  11. How kind of the hamster to pick me! He is so cute! Also your daughter in those heels. Too adorable. 🙂


  12. Rachel G says:

    My younger sisters are fans of the rainbow loom, too. And how sweet that he thought to get a rose for you!


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