Five Minute Friday (on a Saturday!)

Am missing my blog! And my blogging friends! And my online community!

I’m ridiculously busy with work (Yay! Thank the Heavens!) but hope to be back more regularly soon!

In the meantime, I couldn’t resist taking a 5-minute break to join in with Five Minute Friday this week.

This week’s word: Follow.


Here goes:


There’s a voice inside. We all have one. It’s our intuition.

A tiny voice that tells you what you should do, what you should be doing.

When we’re not in imminent danger (at which point it shouts), it whispers, it’s hard to hear. It gets drowned out.

We all know we have it but sometimes (most times?) we fade it out, we choose to ignore it or we simply fail to give it any worth.

Yet it’s us, the deepest expression of ourselves there is, because it tells us what we really want to be doing, tries to show us when we’d be happiest, most fulfilled.

It’s funny that we don’t tune in to it more often, don’t make time to listen to it and to pay attention to it.

If we did, we’d find courage from it, the courage we need to follow it’s suggestions and, following those suggestions, we’d arrive at places that’d strengthen us, deepen the breadths of our experiences, take us to happiness possibly beyond imagining.

Why don’t we listen?

Why do we choose to limit ourselves in this way?

Why not choose to be the most authentic self we could be?

What is it that scares us?

What is it that inhibits us?

Why not follow our little voice, our little guide?

Why not follow what it’s telling us?

Why not make time to listen, to ponder, to consider, to act…..?




25 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday (on a Saturday!)

  1. Aliyah says:

    Hi I am your neighbor this weekend, at FMF. I also posted up on a saturday haha! I enjoyed what you shared beause its true, my mom always used to say when I was kid, that I need to listen to that inner voice, the more you listen the louder it gets! Have a blessed week!


  2. Carrie Ann says:

    Loved this!! Trying to hear my voice lately, and drown out all the others (no I’m not crazy, LOL). Been missing you in the blog world, and thinking about you often. Glad you are busy with work…the best kind of busy to be, :). Have a wonderful weekend hon!! xx


  3. Gabriele says:

    Helen, you ask such good questions. I don’t have many answers but I do know that grace is not the back-up plan. That little voice is there because of grace, the enabling power of God.

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  4. alexa says:

    Super post, Helen, and so true that we don’t pay enough attention to the promptings of intuition … Hoping you are happily following yours inbetween the bouts of work :).

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  5. Joy Lenton says:

    Why not indeed? God gave it to us for a purpose and it would save a lot of angst later on. A gem of a post! Thanks, Helen. Hope you’re also resting and spending some quality time with your family this weekend. All work and no play… etc. 🙂 Xx


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hi Joy, thanks for your comment….very little play this weekend, unfortunately, but the biggest of the projects is out of the way now, thank goodness! Loved your latest post (off to look at it again now). Helen xx

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  6. Barbara says:

    Yes. we should listen to that inner voice more often, shouldn’t we!? Good to read your heart again; and yes, good questions! Thanks for sharing – good to hear you have {loads} of work to do! I haven’t been able to get an FMF post out lately! So much going on; too late to try to get it done on Thur. nights, and then up and out early on Friday mornings! But, maybe next week…


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hi Barbara….lovely lovely comment (thank you!)….I know what you mean about thin to find time for posts….I used to get all mine ready over the weekend and schedule but even that hasn’t been possible recently 😦


  7. Great points Helen! I try to be better about listening to that inner voice. I truly believe in many cases & circumstances it comes from a higher place. Trying to allow myself those moments to be still, do my devotional and just meditate and listen. It doesn’t seem like it should be so difficult… but it always seems there are so many outside factors clamoring around making it hard to truly do that – just listen.

    Hope you’re having a great weekend and not working too hard! xoxo


  8. m1cey says:

    So glad you had a chance to post Helen. Happy you are well!


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hi….loved your post! *I’m* so glad I managed to post this week; I miss my FMF when I can’t do it! (It’s a highlight of my week, I just loved reading everyone’s responses!)…here’s to a great week! Helen

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  9. Hi Helen! I’m grateful you have been busy with work! Hope you got in some good calm time this weekend though 🙂 I have to lean way in, get quiet and breathe deeply to hear my intuition. But that space inside of me worth the getting quiet for. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hi Heather, yes, I’m so very grateful I’m working properly again…(thank goodness!)….it’s definitely worth making the effort to ‘get quiet’…..Helen xx


  10. Sian says:

    I like the thought inside the bottle..very powerful


  11. Chelsea says:

    I’m so glad work is going well- it makes me so happy to hear that! I miss blogging and being about in the community as well, it’s such a great space. Your writing is as beautiful and deep and thought provoking as ever- well done!


  12. Eva says:

    I love the moments where you realize someone else is on the same wavelength as you, I get that a lot with you, Helen 🙂 I guess, with me, I sometimes don’t know when it’s my intuition/me speaking or my fear/what society wants me to think/etc. So it’s a constant journey of figuring it out, going with the flow, making mistakes and learning from them.


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hi Eva….*love* those moments!! Yeah, it’s hard to make that judgement…..part of the silence is silencing that ‘this is what I’m *supposed* to be doing societal judgement thing’…….that’s the hardest part, sometimes, isn’t it? Have a GREAT week! Helen xx


      • Eva says:

        Yes, exactly! That’s one of the best things about meditation – makes it so much easier to silence all the noise and listen : ) I hope you have a lovely week, too!


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