Five Minute Friday: Rise

Joining in with Five Minute Friday. This week’s word: Rise.


Here goes!


It’s hard to get back up when you’ve been beaten down, when you’re isolated and alone, when you feel lost. When you can’t see a clear path ahead of you and you feel there’s no solid ground anywhere, nothing familiar or firm. When everything sacred to you has been desecrated.

But just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it’s impossible. And nothing worth doing was ever easy. And Impossible is Nothing. [Apply a whole load of other platitudes when applicable/necessary, to help you see the light, to help you get through].

You’ll slowly recoup, regroup, you’ll slowly feel lighter, feel able. You’ll gain momentum in your recovery as you re-learn old habits, old patterns that stabilised you, that made you happy. (You’ll remember what happiness is, and the strangeness of it will take you by surprise at first but then you’ll actively start to cultivate it again, a garden of laughter, of small precious moments, of cuddles and confidence and openness and light, surrounded by hedges of love, a love so deep you’ll realise it’s impenetrable, unbreakable, now, this garden you and your children share, impenetrable to hate, to mockery, to brainwashing, to all things no, to anything and everything no).

You’ll walk through this garden, you and your children, knowing its a safe place. A safe place where you cultivate harmony through respect and compassion and tolerance. It’s a place where you’re privileged to see your children rising again, overcoming all the upset, all the – what we’ll just call ‘no’ for now – overcoming all those things they’ve seen, experienced, witnessed, that should never have entered their sacred space, their childhood.

You’re a gardener, you tend their hearts, their wishes, their discoveries. You listen to their dreams, their fears, their stories, mostly funny, always shared with love. You take every one of their confidences, precious as they are, and you guard them. Seeds of hope, a symbol of so much.

You’re their world. Now more than ever before.

This, this responsibility, this journey of love, this is what makes it possible to overcome. The need to build hedges of love, so high they’re impenetrable, so high nothing can get through, this is what gets you out of bed every day. What sees you through doing this alone, far from home. Gives you the energy to rise every day, to rise up to the (multiple) challenges of the situation. To rise and say ‘No more. No more. It’s over. No more’…..

Them. My two. My loves, my all.

One so tender and unsure, the other so confident and cocksure. Both of them needing me, both of them enjoying, now, this secret place, this firm, secure place we go to, this haven, this refuge, this reducer of struggles, this enabler of life. Of pure, true, joyful life.

Rise, we rise, together. In a garden of love. Flowers sprouting here there and everywhere, now. Stretches of green grass, audible in the sun, swathes of riotous colour, waving, dancing in the wind. Beckoning, inviting, ‘Rest your heart here’ they whisper, and we do.

It’s our garden of love. Here there’s no harm.



21 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Rise

  1. Gabriele says:

    Good morning neighbor! I find comfort in your image of hedges of love so high they are impenetrable. I want to grow mine higher and look for holes. Good writing, again…..


  2. Barbie says:

    Such a beautiful and touching post. So glad I stopped by from the Five Minute Friday.


  3. Chelsea says:

    Such tender and beautiful words, spoken directly from the heart. Truly touching!


  4. Helen, what a beautiful post. And how our kiddos depend on us, eh? We are their security, the stability. We are the ones who help them when life’s hard tries to overcome them. I love the garden analogy. You’re doing a great job with those kiddos. Knowing them as you do and helping them through . . . it’s never easy, but it’s always worthwhile. I hope your weekend is a good one!


  5. Joy Lenton says:

    Helen, this is achingly beautiful. As I read I felt I was eavesdropping on a deeply personal soul conversation you were sharing with yourself and with God. Such encouraging words to help you rise higher from a dark place! And I just know that others reading this will nod in recognition, feel tears slide down their faces at the positivity shining through the pain. Friend, in your courageous rising above your own hardships and the sharing of your story, you are paving the way for others to see how they too can rise free. God bless you and yours. 🙂 x


  6. So beautiful Helen. I love that you use the analogy of a garden.
    I could literally visualize that space and the words you were sharing. May those seeds of hope continue to be nurtured in the light and bloom and grow more and more for every day that goes by. And no more dark days – just maybe rain here and there that also will just help with growth.

    Blessings for a beautiful weekend dear Friend. xo


  7. Helen, your words are so lovely and honest. Thank you for sharing in such a heartfelt way with us. My soul recognizes what you’ve written here, and I am grateful that we’ve connected today.


  8. Carrie Ann says:

    🙂 Beautiful!! Have a great weekend!! xx


  9. Barbara says:

    What beautiful words you share from your heart; beautiful images…I too was visualizing a beautiful garden with you and your two littles surrounded by all of the beauty; the safe and welcoming beauty of it all!

    Thank you for sharing; for letting us read your heart once again…I have not written an FMF post since April something on the word TOMORROW; just seem to be so tired on Thur. evenings and then I get busy and forge it on Fri. I’ll try to get back to it!! (I actually MISS the spontaneous writing time of the five minutes!).


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hi Barbara, thank you so much…..I think there’s a really good piece of writing in there somewhere, with a little more time and clever editing! I definitely miss FMF when I don’t do it – both the writing and the community….


  10. Sian says:

    It’s over. No more. Rise.

    ..and keep writing..because I’m completely sure you’ll help someone else, even if you never find out about it


    • iwillbloom says:

      Thank you, Sian…..even if it’s one person, I’ll feel I’ve done my job (the one I feel I’m being called to do, being drawn to do)….Helen xx


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