One + Four = Life – August 16th

Joining in with 1+4 = Life (although Pip seems to have stopped hosting the link-up?).


It was a “marvelling at the thousands of blooms, finding a cute spiky cactus (and bringing it home with us), sorting out my wardrobe and reading about quests” kind of week…

It was a good one!

I was….

Listening to Joe Cocker’s You are so Beautiful….

[A comment on a different, live, version of the song said, “I dedicate it to the woman I’ve not yet met but I know she’s out there somewhere”….I’m rooting for him, hoping he’ll meet her some day. His comment just about broke my heart]

and Ben Haenow’s The Man in the Mirror [I’m a fan of talent shows, just love seeing the participants getting a shot at fulfilling their dream….and I’ve developed a definite soft spot for Ben (from the UK X-Factor 2014 – we’re still on the 2014 season where I am, so please please please don’t tell me who won! Watching the X-factor has become my few hours of pure ‘escapism’ every week…love how Ben sang this song and love his expression at the end!]

Reading Chris Guillebeau’s The Happiness of Pursuit. Enjoying day dreaming about one day being able to set off on my bike and just cycling awayRelying only on my own body and seeing what happens and where I end up. [Am I totally mad to dream of cycling around the world?! And why can’t I get the idea out of my head?!]

Savouring Ann Voskamp’s 1000 Gifts (a gift from my lovely friend Barbara). I find I’m stopping every few sentences to scribble down quotes and ideas it’s sparking. I’m very much enjoying the book and love her idea that we should give thanks for the things that are hard not just the ‘good’ moments (that idea has helped me quite a lot recently). [Thank you, Barbara xx]

Watching Eddie Murphy’s 1000 words…I’ve always loved Eddie Murphy (when he doesn’t swear and in a guilty pleasure sort of way) and there are some very funny bits in the film. It’s really corny but it’s a nice feel good film, perfect for a lazy Saturday evening!

Enjoying all of my friend Julie’s blog posts recently, but especially loving this one. Such a wonderful ‘little’ story (that’s really not so little at all). Also every post my friend Joy posts…(writer envy, moi?!)…..

Eating lots of green vegetables! And cake. Always lots of cake.

Desperately needing to go for a run! I haven’t done my daily runs for over six weeks now and I’m itching to start again….

Looking forward to the On Being a Writer online discussion group that Kate Montaug is hosting (from 17th August until 23rd September)

Watching in compulsive fashion (apart from the X Factor every Friday and Saturday at 8pm): Homeland. Wow. Gripping stuff! (Though my head is reeling as I’ve hit the middle of Season 2…so many plot twists, I’ve had to rewind and re-watch often to be able to understand what on Earth is happening…that’ll teach me to watch it whilst I’m painting or scrapping! But it does, at least, mean I get to ogle Saul a few extra times. “Sigh!”)

Lusting after clothes! So many clothes! This blouse (sigh!)…this skirt (oh my!)….this dress (so pretty!)…these earrings!these shoes!this lipstick (it’s the perfect colour!)…honestly, I’m the Chicest Lady in Fantasy Land!!

and that, my friends, was my week last week….

Here’s to a ggggrrrreeeeaaaat week this coming week!!

Helen xxx 


16 thoughts on “One + Four = Life – August 16th

  1. blondeusk says:

    Always eat cake! Good to see you back Helen – I have missed you 🙂


  2. Isabel says:

    Hi Helen! What lovely photos of your life. Yes, Pip seems to have stopped hosting the 1 + 4 = Life which is a shame. Shall we do something about that…ie one of us work out how to host it? I see quite a few bloggers are still doing it but there’s nowhere to group them all together. I’m planning to start again once uni goes back at the beginning of September, in 2 weeks. Let me know what you think x you have a fab week too Helen


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hia Isabel, yes, it seems Pip has stopped and she hasn’t mentioned anything about it….strange! I literally don’t have the time to be able to host anything at the moment but would definitely join in if you were to approach Pip and ask if she wouldn’t mind you carrying on the baton. Hope you have a GREAT week! Helen xxx


  3. Isabel says:

    Hi Helen! I just asked Pip via Facebook whether she’d mind us continuing and her words were ‘Of course! That would be SUCH A GOOD IDEA!’ So let’s do it. I have the time to host, so I’ll work out the Link Up software and let you know when I start. I think 6 September will be when I’d like to start again, and then continue every Sunday night. Will stay in touch xx


  4. Joy Lenton says:

    What a lovely eclectic mix of things you bring to your life! And I’m surprised by and humbly grateful for the mention here and for the lovely comment on the blog, which I hope to answer soon! Can I let you into a little secret? If anything, you are a person I feel a tinge of envy towards because of the wonderful reader engagement you’ve built up, the great friendships you’ve made and the way that when you do write it’s frequent, with such verve, enjoyment and energy! My potentially pretty turn of phrasing pales into insignificance besides these awesome accomplishments. Friend, you’re the one who is to be admired, not me. Blessings and hugs. 🙂 Xx


    • iwillbloom says:

      Joy: (I write, blushing….)…isn’t it beautiful that blogs were invented and we can all admire – and support – each other in this manner? Blessings right back at you and a hug that would no doubt turn in to tears of joy were we able to meet xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Barbara says:

    WOW!! LOVE IT!! Where DO I begin…LOVE the blooms; the little cactus; the clothes – so colorful! I have to go through mine often to get rid of stuff! My daughter recently bought me two pairs of capris, a pair of shorts and two tops – being retired, I don’t need a lot of “dress up” clothes except for church and once in a while! And the book sounds intriguing!

    Yes, Ann’s “1000 Gifts”! I am amazed at all God Gifts and counting them day by day by day! I LOVED the book and read it through quickly, with the intentions of going back to it to jot things down – probably to highlight the heck out of it for things I want to remember! I have so many of her quotes saved on my computer!! So glad that you are really getting into it and finding it helpful!!! {{HUGS}}

    I LOVE watching the talent shows, too; have watched the X-factor in the past; but I don’t remember winners except one that I REALLY loved and don’t remember what year…so I will NOT say anything about who it is/was!! We are into America’s Got Talent and So You Think You Can Dance? right now…but I also love watching the building/decorating ones on HGTV and the Food Network ones! Anything talent/competition is great!!

    I also LOVE cake…don’t need to be eating it; but when I can…yes! But I think I LOVE LOVE LOVE ice cream better!!

    Clothes?! Yeah, I don’t have that many really; but as I said above, added to my wardrobe and subtracted some that are not fitting well anymore…I really need to lose some weight!!

    Guess that about covers it; there’s more to what you wrote and I loved reading every bit of it!!!

    Thanks for sharing!!


  6. LOve these weekly catch up posts and seeing what you’ve been up to and what’s on your mind.
    I have been trying to be better and have increased my exercise lately. I desperately want to lose some pounds I put on this summer so I’m now keeping a food diary and back to the exercise! It does help the sanity too. 😉
    I remember that Eddie Murphy movie. It was corny – but very cute and a clever and interesting idea I thought. So nice to have more Helen back! xoxo


  7. alexa says:

    Nice cake, nice clothes and a nice film? Sounds wonderfully celebratory :). And what splendid blossoms …


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