Three-day quote challenge: day two

Having accepted Carrie’s challenge to post three quotes over three days, here’s todays:


I’ve written about the role of gratitude in my life many times on I Will Bloom, and I’m a great believer in another saying: “Gratitude turns what you have in to enough”.

We sometimes tend to rush through life or, if not rushing, then worrying our way through our days.

We constantly find ways to distract ourselves from what’s really important: our here, our now, all the things we have in front of us (as if these are things we should be running away from).

Being grateful, I’ve found, helps me be more present and, in turn, more aware and when I’m more aware, everything changes.

I’m more appreciative, more open, more likely to have a better day, meaning that everyone around me is more likely to have a better day.

Gratitude, as they say, “…is the key that opens the door to abundance”.

I end my days reviewing what I was grateful for during my day and I try to start my days with a grateful heart: remembering all I have, all I’m able to do, giving thanks, some days, that I’m alive and that I get to experience all of life in all its mixed-up, messed up, happy, wonderful, majestic glory.

My key to a happy life?

Live each moment with a grateful heart”

Helen xxx


8 thoughts on “Three-day quote challenge: day two

  1. I think a grateful heart is absolutely the key Helen! When I’m reflecting, or praying, I start everything with a big “thank you” for such wonderful blessings first. A grateful heart is a truly a happy heart. xoxo


  2. Carrie Ann says:

    Trying to do this more, not that I am ungrateful, but making a point to think about each thing for a moment. 🙂


  3. Shauna841505 says:

    This is completely true. Great writing. I think being grateful is the first step to being truly happy. I need to start this tradition at our dinner table, “Three things you are especially grateful for, today.” I know people do that, and I love the idea!


  4. Barbara says:

    Love this quote…and what you’ve said about being grateful! I also LOVE your paintings! Now, that is one thing that I am NOT creative with…painting?! Maybe I’ll do something one day!


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