FMF: Yes

Joining in with Five Minute Friday: this week’s word Yes



She left her home (who knows when: was it dark? Was she in the middle of cooking lunch? Were her children still out playing somewhere?). She left her town. Her country. (I’m sure none of these decisions were met with an active ‘yes’ on her part).

Terrified, she and her two children stepped in to the boat. Terrified, they felt the water entering the boat. Powerless to do anything about it – stranded, literally stranded, as they were – nothing familiar to cling on to (except each other).

There, in that water, so far from her home, her life, and the life of her two children, ended.

I’m hoping, praying, that the human face of this refugee tragedy can be considered by the powers that be, that they find some way (however that might be) to find yes.

[Little Aylan Kurdi, little Ghalib Kurdi and their brave mother Tima: may your souls find the peace you were denied in life]


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