Kindness Counts Friday

Well well well. It’s been a long time absent from I Will Bloom but it’s calling me to be brought back, so here we go….another instalment of Kindness Counts Friday.

[Kindness Counts Friday is Kim’s original idea; I’m babysitting whilst she’s on a blog break]…

kindness counts

Time to recount the kind acts we’ve engaged in, received or witnessed and for me to highlight some of the kindness related ‘things’ I’ve seen on my travels around Internet Land….

Here goes:

Kind acts engaged in

– The Head of Primary at my son’s school called me over the other morning. To congratulate me on my son’s kindness. There’s a new family at school and their middle son is in my son’s class. He doesn’t speak a word of either Spanish or English and was, apparently, a little lost, until my son took him under his wing, making sure he managed to eat something at lunch, making sure he got on the right bus to get home etc. [Yes, my Mama’s heart did almost explode with love for him]

– Offering to do some editing for free for a group of students at the local University [Their enthusiasm won me over!]

Kind acts received

– A letter in the post from a dear, dear friend. As always seems to happen, it arrived at exactly the right moment. [Thank you]

– A gardener friend who’s sending me uplifting messages (and photos of orchids) by WhatsApp (always cheering me up and putting a smile on my face)

Kinds acts witnessed

– A man stopping his motorbike (in the middle of a very steep hill), to offer a ride to a lady walking up said steep hill.

– A father and son picking up litter at the little lake near our home

Kindness-related posts from around Internet Land

-The great power of intentional acts of kindness (article from Happier)

– this poem from Naomi Shihah Nye

and I’ll leave you with this (which I heard my son saying to my daughter the other day!)….


Helen xxx


12 thoughts on “Kindness Counts Friday

  1. Liane says:

    Be A Nice Human.. I love this!


  2. Barbara says:

    Enjoyed reading your kindnesses! I attempted to keep up with that, and did a couple of posts…so many things I’m “attempting” to keep up with!

    Glad to see you WRITING! That way, I can READ YOUR HEART again!!!


  3. Carrie Ann says:

    🙂 Your son’s kindness made me smile!! I love the “be a nice human” too!!


  4. Hannah Wood says:

    So awesome!!! Love your blog!!


  5. alexa says:

    Your son has clearly got such a lot of wisdom inside him already :). And thank-you for the link to the poem – I didn’t know this one …


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