1 + 4 = Life: 6th September

Joining in with the ever-wonderful Isabel who has taken over from Pip to host the ‘1+4=Life’ link-up. The idea is to post four photos to describe one week (this week’s link-up is here). Here goes….

Processed with Moldiv

Waking up early (and actually taking time to see the sunrise: yay!). Early morning runs. Mid-morning errands on dirty streets in uncomfortable shoes….(yuck!)…

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Flowers galore.

Processed with Moldiv

Admiring the graffiti at the local University (until I got home and realised that one of them says ‘Yankee Go Home’)


And and and….Cadburys chocolate. Brought to me by a very kind British teacher who’s just started working at my son’s school [All three bars may already have disappeared for which I am delightfully unapologetic!]

It’s also the week I’ve been…

Saddened beyond a sadness I ever thought was possible about the Syrian refugee crisis. I have no words.

Horrified by the destruction of the Baalshamin Temple in Palmyra, Syria. Simply cannot get my head around this. However much I try. Still in tears whenever I think about this.

Pondering this video {about how children are losing their connection with Nature as a result of uncontrolled technology use} Shocking.

Fascinated by this story of the last woman alive who can spin sea silk. (I promise you will not regret clicking through; it’s such an amazing story in so many respects!)

Enjoying reading this post about Blair Edie, the blogger behind Atlantic-Pacific. She’s my absolute all-time favourite fashion blogger. [Have I always dreamed of travelling in a gondola in Venice dressed like this? Yes (often). Prancing around Capri dressed like this? Yes (often). Walking around new York dressed like this? (Oh my goodness yeeeeeesssss!!!!)]. It was particularly encouraging to hear, from this interview, how she manages to fit full-time blogging in with her packed full-time work schedule and, also, to hear that she’s almost given up on her blog many times too!)

Listening to this song, on repeat….my son can’t get enough of it (and I found myself singing it out loud as I was on my run the other morning!)…Labrinth’s Express Yourself…(love the video too!)….

Reading Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane (just started it)….having just finished Paolo Coelho’s Adelph (HATED it; self-indulgent nonsense!)….

Loving this blog post from one of the Five Minute Friday ladies I enjoy reading….I think all Mums will relate! And my friend Sian’s scrapbook layouts here (they’re absolutely stunning! and I’m in awe of her creativity!)…

Thankful for wonderful blogging friends like Isabel (you know why!)…and Barbara (you also know why!)…and all my readers…..you make me smile every single day. Thank you!

Excited about the fact that I managed to open an Instagram account! Yay! I think you should be able to find me at @iwillbloom (or is the ‘@’ only used for Twitter…?!! I am clueless!). I was astounded to have one ‘like’ pop up on one of my photos as I was sat reading yesterday….(!)….and, having roamed around Instagram for a short while, I think it’s something I’m going to love….if you Instagram, let me know your username!! Any suggestions for ‘interesting Instagrammers’ are more than welcome!

….and finally……

Wishing I’d thought of this as an idea for a blog post (from here)…


Have a lovely, great, wonderful week all of you!

Helen xxx




14 thoughts on “1 + 4 = Life: 6th September

  1. Isabel says:

    Yay, you joined in! That brings the total to 4 bloggers so far…not bad for the first week. I’m unconcerned about numbers and likes and followers, to be honest. As long as you’re having fun and getting something out of it, the rest doesn’t matter. INSTAGRAM. I love it, and it sucks that I can’t use it in China. I can log in on my laptop and like and make comments, but I can’t post my own photos. You can follow me on Instagram at @nanjingnian but I won’t be very active until I get back to Aus #sadface. I would highly recommend following @hellokateberry and @petamazey for some beautiful photography of Australia and New Zealand respectively.

    That packet of chocolates looks delicious! May I try to interpret the espagnol? Frutas y Avellanos, is that fruit and nut? Leche I know is milk. And the third one explains itself! Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos Helen. See you same time same place next week! x


  2. iwillbloom says:

    Hia Isabel, I definitely have fun with this! So thanks for hosting! (I am sure a few more bloggers will join in!)…I wondered whether you’d be able to use Instagram in China…..I have followed you in any case….and will, in the meantime, bask in the beauty of the photos you share on your blog. How funny: I hadn’t even noticed the writing in Spanish on the package…I wonder, actually, whether he got them from somewhere here?? (Helen quickly scurries off to phone him and find out….!)….definitely…same time same place next week (and I won’t stand you up like a certain philosophy student!)….Helen [P.S. Speaking of Aus and NZ: have you seen the (wonderful) film The Dark Horse (about the chess champion)? [It’s called ‘Renacer de un campeon’ here; I believe that’s the English-language title]….I saw it last night and it is absolutely stunning. Highly recommended….]


  3. Lizelle says:

    Ah but that looks like a beautiful walk way! I do so love a beautiful walkway you see lol I quite like the look of those shoes! Grant it my feet never cooperate with closed shoes -.-


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hey Lady! Yes, that bit of the walk/run is lovely….its just by a lake and it’s usually very fresh there, with the frogs ‘cheeping’ (what is it frogs do? ‘Rivetting’??!!)…..and I can’t do sandals outside…I find it really yucky walking on dirty pavements with open-toed shoes 😦 Although I would live in my flip flops if I could 😉


  4. Lizelle says:

    P.S.I Found Gone With the Wind!


  5. Barbara says:

    Love your 1 + 4 = Life posts…the photos are awesome; also clicked over to Sian’s site to check out her scraptook layouts…they are awesome! Love that last – if you could keep only one memory…WOW!! Would that one be hard to write?! I’d have to ponder on that one a bit before even attempting!!

    I have been keeping up with the Blog-tember posts – somewhat! Fashion? Not my “style”!! I will TRY to get that one for today!! Not very good at remembering to link them though!! Gotta do better with that too!!

    Back later…thanks for sharing your post for 1 + 4 = Life…


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hi Barbara, yes, Sian’s LO’s are quite something. Definitely the ‘one memory’ would be a hard one to write!!! I simply couldn’t do the Blog-tember thing but I will post for tomorrow’s prompt…I am going to head over to your blog (and reply to your emails)…promise…if I don’t fall asleep tonight when I’m reading bedtime stories to the littles, I’ll head over tonight…..Helen xxx


  6. Sian says:

    Well, thank you very much 🙂 But I’m laughing here…I finally opened an Instagram account this very weekend! I haven’t posted anything yet ..you know me, I take a while before I jump in (especially when there isn’t a book to buy first..). I’m fromhighinthesky


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hah! How funny! I am following you now and await photos with baited breath (secretly waiting for when you holiday again, to be able to see your beautiful photos of those peaceful lakes and beautiful houses!!)….Helen xxx


  7. Great to see your week in pictures Helen! I would have eaten that UK chocolate in one sitting! I hope you like the Neil Gaiman book, I read it and loved it, surreal and a bit creepy but a very good read.


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hia Clare! The Cadburys may or may not have disappeared in one sitting 😉 [I haven’t actually been able to start the Gaiman book as I’ve fallen asleep every night I’ve opened it to start reading it!!]…


  8. Cadburys chocolate is amazing. Visiting family in Boston last year I was ordered to bring a bagful of chocolate which was devoured immediately!! I haven’t written a One Four Life post in an absolute AGE, your lovely post has encouraged me to get back into it. THANKS x


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