It’s all in a name: I Will Bloom

Joining in with Day 7 of Blog-tember which, today, asks us to write about where our blog name came from….


In August last year, I began to get an urge to write and to blog again (to process and to distract myself from ‘things’  that were happening in my personal life) and, when browsing the internet, I came across the Blog-tember challenge.

From memory, I had a few days before the challenge would start, which meant that I had to set up a blog. [I’d used WordPress before so I wasn’t coming to the whole endeavour completely blind!]

As I sat thinking about what I’d like to do in my blog space, and where I’d like the blog to go, it was obvious to me that I’d write about the events I’ve lived through (domestic violence; being falsely accused of having kidnapped my children and choosing to leave the safety of the UK in the face of threats that I would lose custody of my children were I to continue with (and lose) the court case …amongst other things).

It was also obvious to me that I’d like, if possible, to help others who might find themselves in a similar situation (there’s a domestic violence episode in the UK every 4 minutes and it takes an average of 39 violent events for a woman to seek help; and there are an estimated 250,000 women who are stuck in foreign countries, having been accused under the Hague laws and forced to return to their partners’ homeland…in large part due to the failures in the legislation which mean that domestic violence is not considered a “grave risk to physical or psychological harm” if the child(ten) are returned).

I started writing about these issues in the hope that anyone who might be in a similar situation might read my words and find some solace, some comfort.

I also wanted (want) to use I Will Bloom as a platform to encourage entrepreneurship among woman (I have so many plans and so little time; it’s always been the case!)…so I knew I’d need a name that would reflect not only the hope I had (when I started the blog) that things would get better for me personally and that things can improve for other women in the same situation but also to show that after such incidents, it’s possible not only to overcome but, in fact, to shine. 

Just because life has thrown us lemons doesn’t mean we have to walk around with sour faces. No! If life throws us lemons, we can choose to make lemonade, make chewy lemon bars, make limoncello.….however bad things are, however little light we can see, at the end of that seemingly never-ending tunnel, hope is stronger than fear and I definitely want(ed) this message to come across from my blog.  

Thinking about all these ideas, the natural word was bloom and the phrase I Will Bloom jumped out at me. As a sort of perfect embodiment of everything I want my blog to be and how I’d like readers to feel when they come and read….that they’ve read something that makes them want to get on with things and to bloom. However bad their situation, however good their situation.

So that, my dear readers, is that.

The story of my blog name.

I have to give a shout out here to Chelsea (she knows what for)…I am planning a redesign of I Will Bloom, and to move I Will Bloom to its own domain….where I hope to have a much prettier, much more functional site that will let me do the things I’d like to do with I Will Bloom. 

Time will tell when that might be possible but it’s on the planner and things that have made their way to the planner always get done!

Helen xxx


16 thoughts on “It’s all in a name: I Will Bloom

  1. Barbara says:

    Loved reading how your name “iwillbloom” evolved! I wrote mine – now I need to go check to see if I published it yet?! I’ve been staying up ’til almost midnight, or midnight! Writing, watching TV, putting together a puzzle *so I can make something with it for my friend for Christmas*. I’ve been doing the Blog-tember posts (almost all of them), but I keep forgetting to link them; and I see so many others that are also doing this challenge, that I am over-whelmed and find it hard to read them!

    Appreciate your open-ness to share your experiences; I agree that if we help just one woman…it is all worth it!

    Loved the part where you named off items to make with those lemons that life hands you! Especially the lemon bars and limoncello! I’d love to have either one or both of those; and lemonade isn’t so bad either!


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hi Barbara….I did fall asleep whilst getting the littles to sleep last night 😦 Am heading over to you shortly….(I feel so bad that I haven’t read your posts!)….Helen xx


  2. Donna says:

    I love your blog name. Whenever I see it I love how it evokes feelings of determination and also makes me thing of beautiful flowers overcoming obstacles in order to bloom. I think it suits you perfectly! 🙂


  3. Faith says:

    Such a great back story! So sorry for the difficulty in your life and I’m glad things are getting better. I love that you took the hard things in life and decided to grow through it and help others do the same! Such an inspiration.


  4. Liane says:

    I love this story of how I Will Bloom came to be 🙂 Cannot wait to see the re-design! x


  5. I have always loved the name of your blog Helen! And it seems to fit you perfectly. This is such a beautiful place – where you have touched many hearts and shared so much. I can only imagine the folks you are also helping to educate and strengthen, so they too can bloom, along the way.

    I’m playing catch up again: so forgive me. It’s easier to grab a post and write on one in catch up mode. I loved your last post with all of your Friday bits. Thank you for sharing your friend Sian’s blog. I’m in LOVE with her LO’s!! So awesome! 🙂 And I’m so saddened by the Syrian refugee issues that you’ve shed light on for me. Praying!!

    And I’m SO happy to have found you on IG! It will be such a fun way to see more of your daily life.
    Blessings to you my dear Friend. xoxo


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hia Carrie….your words are so comforting. Thank you! Yes, Sian’s LO’s are a thing of beauty! I already love IG: so glad we found each other on there!!


  6. Charlotte says:

    I love the story behind your name and I love your blog!
    p.s when life gives you lemons…grab tequila and salt 😉


  7. ceomombrand says:

    Helen, I am back! Love your blog name and now I love what it stands for!


  8. I have always loved your blog name. It’s so you and it’s so every resilient woman who rises up. 🙂 Also so excited about you getting your own domain! I need to do that but it seems intimidating!


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