On being a writer: promote

I’m continuing to join in with Kate Motaung’s online discussion group On Being a Writer, which is based on Ann Kroeker and Charity Singleton Craig’s book On being a writer: 12 simple steps for a writing life that lasts.

Today’s prompt asks us to think about the word promote. [I feel I should preface this with the disclaimer that it was most definitely written in ‘Five Minute Friday’ style as I have an Important Meeting in less than half an hour!]


It’s a scary and confusing one for me (as are a lot of the things related to finding the courage to follow my passion).

I know I have a voice and I feel a pull towards using my voice with the vague (yet all-encompassing) aim of ‘helping others’. [My blog platform]

I also know that I love writing fiction and that the characters/places/images that are in my head want to get out and start living on the page and in other people’s heads too [The books I visualise]….but…

…it seems so ridiculous, somehow, so frivolous and self-important, to even think of bridging the gap between ‘want to write’ and ‘start promoting myself’ (let alone actually bridging it).

And that’s when the doubt sets in….

“There are a million other people who do this so much better than I can”

“You have a million other things to be doing, Helen….you can’t afford to waste the time”

“Who do you think you are?”

“Who would want to hear what you have to say?”

[We all know the scary doubt and fear monsters (as Gabriele so beautifully points out!)…and we all have our own personal demons surrounding these issues]

But, you know, I do feel I’ve been given a gift (she writes, whilst fully realising she’s no Faulkner/Hemingway/Andrew Miller) and that I am somehow being pulled/called to use it [call that God, call it intuition, call it passion…whatever it can be labelled, it’s a very real feeling].

I’m at the stage, I guess, where I’ve now declared I’m a writer and know I want to do something and am actively doing something as a habit (need) in that I’ve been writing daily for over a year or so now….

I now ask myself what I’m waiting for to start promoting my writing?

And that, my fellow lovely writers, is the million dollar question!

Perhaps more time needs to be spent on figuring out what is holding me back and, importantly, how to stare it down.


[Photo from Rowan Huewel at Unsplash]


10 thoughts on “On being a writer: promote

  1. Gabriele says:

    Your blog represents you so well. You draw me in every time. REALLY! You have a gift to connect with me and I’m assuming that you do with many others. Promotion number 101 is happening right here.


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hi Gabriele, thank you….**loved** your post (read it last night on my phone….will head across later to comment (am still processing it all))….Helen xx


  2. Barbara says:

    You ARE a writer; and you are a writer that I, and many others, love to read! I would LOVE to find a book that has “HELEN” as the author…and I would so definitely buy it AND read it and cherish it!!

    Thanks for sharing; You ARE a writer – promote yourself and your work!!!



  3. carlybenson says:

    I agree, I really like your writing and want to hear what you have to say. You are gifted and it is not something to hide, but something that should be shared with others. I know it’s easier to tell other people that than yourself, but we are here to cheer you on!


  4. alexa says:

    When I think of everything else you have stared in the face, Helen, I think you can do this! Just get that pen in your hand, a piece of paper, and do five minutes :).


  5. Rachel G says:

    The “why?” and the “How?” and the “But it’s so awkward and uncomfortable” are definitely what hold me back with promoting. I’m definitely a writer at heart, not a marketer, so mostly I find it easiest to avoid marketing entirely. But that’s probably not the right way to be…
    Oh my/our instagram is @angelofrachel.


    • iwillbloom says:

      Absolutely agree with you….it somehow seems so tacky…(but, on the other hand, do we expect a book deal to fall in to our laps having done nothing (apart from writing) to get it?!!)….I found you on Insta…(am still in the throes of the initial ‘I’m totally in love with Insta’ stages!)….have a GREAT weekend, Helen xx


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