It’s Friday night…


It’s Friday night and I always, nowadays, stay in. It wasn’t always this way: in my teens, I’d spend all week looking forward to a concert (Stone Roses in Manchester!) or to the Northern Soul night in Sheffield (there’s nothing exciting about being old enough to get in to such events!).

In my twenties, I’d look forward to nights out with friends: dinners, Gallery openings, book readings, concerts (not the ‘hoping I look old enough to get in’ kind but the ‘so glad I managed to get a ticket to this’ kind). In my thirties, Fridays would mean, most usually, a quiet night in, as a couple, enjoying a film or heading out to something (dinner, cinema, game night) with friends.

Then when I became a Mum, Fridays became no different, really, to any other night of the week: a haze of sleepless nights, just enjoying the pure joy of being a new Mum, so much love in my heart I sometimes couldn’t stand it (I’d never understood the ‘your heart is walking around outside you’ phrase before I became a Mum).

Fast forward a few years and here I am, in my early forties, and I like nothing better than a quiet night in (oh, don’t get me wrong, if I was in England, I’d definitely be at the theatre or at a concert or something else ‘cultural’). But I’m here and my idea of a ‘nice’ Friday night (i.e., absolutely necessary after having a usually hideously frenetic week) is a magazine (books are for the weekend!), the less intellectual, more fashion-oriented the better (Vogue week is always a good week!), something sweet (or hot chocolate and salty popcorn – yum!), quiet music (jazz) and a night of absolute ‘no work – no stress’ bliss.

It starts around 4pm when the littles are both home from school and have been fed: no mean task for a 9-year old footballer who could easily eat half a cow if I let him (!). They’ll both be doing their own activities but they’ll come and ask me for things they need as and when they need them: “Mama, where’s my lego dinosaur’s leg?”, “Mama, will you draw me a unicorn”, “Mama, weren’t you going to make muffins?”…but, even despite these beautiful little life-affirming interruptions, I’ll start to relax….

Knowing there’ll be no phone calls, fewer emails to reply to and much less work to do over the weekend, meaning I can enjoy them, and these moments, that little bit more because I’ll be able to live them that little bit more consciously and mindfully. 

Then suddenly, as if no time has passed at all, it’s bedtime. Shower. Clean teeth. Stor(ies). Funny voices. Laughs. Cuddles. Snuggly little bodies hugged and kissed and loved. The biggest little one talking and talking about anything that’s bothering him (why is it that he always leaves everything until he’s dog tired?!). Then, after a while, they’ll both be fast asleep. I won’t settle for half an hour or so afterwards, still checking they’re OK and settling down myself (why is it so hard to relax?!).

Then, eventually, I’ll park myself on the settee, new magazine at the ready and flick through it for a while. This will either make me want to get up and make something or I’ll be too tired and then I’ll end up choosing a film to watch. Nothing upsetting. Nothing too taxing. Something gentle and life-affirming (any suggestions more than welcome! I always love a good film recommendation!).

I don’t like anything too taxing, on my brain or my emotions, on a Friday night. It’s wind-down night. I’ll be thinking of things as I’m relaxing, processing things, letting everything bubble to the surface, reflecting on everything that’s happened in the last week and beyond (whilst trying not to stress myself out thinking of everything there is to do).

If I’m lucky, sleep will come and I’ll start feeling tired in the middle of the film. If it’s a good film I’ll battle the sleep and try to make it to the end. If not, I’ll give in and head off to bed. [I never get the end of those films and always feel bad that I’ve not watched them the whole way through; there’s people’s creative efforts there that I’m ignoring!].

Bed, whenever it makes its appearance, is always welcome. Cool sheets. Turning the pillow over so it’s cool against my skin. Soft soft pillows, silence, lulling me to rest….

love Friday nights, always have done, always will do (I hope!). There’s something so wonderful about them, isn’t there? You’ve ended one week and there’s two whole days before you have to start the next one. Two days of delightful relaxation and recharging. Love it. 

Hoping you all have a great weekend and a great week ahead!

Helen xxx

[Post written in response to the prompt for Day 11 of Blog-tember]


18 thoughts on “It’s Friday night…

  1. Lizelle says:

    A what a pretty picture your Fridays make! Love it, I must say I tend to do that sit back and don’t watch anything taxing thing a lot too in order to relax and then…ah yes! Beeeeeeeed Gotta love bed.


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hah Lady….sometimes trash TV is the only remedy 😉 [I always wonder what great things Oscar Wilde would have said about it had there been trash TV in his time; can you imagine what he’d have made of Kim K??!! Or her father/mother (Cindy? Carruthers? Chiropodist?? Don’t remember her name??!!]….and, oh yes, bed….nothing quite like catching up on all the sleep you’ve missed all week….


  2. Carrie Ann says:

    Sounds like a good Friday night to me. 🙂 I also like to just unwind, and not have to think, lol. Have a wonderful evening…and an even better weekend!! xx


  3. ceomombrand says:

    Sounds like my Friday night! Like tonight! Little ones are lucky to get an extra hour up on weekends and they are definitely maximizing their time right now! I will be happy when I hit my pillow! Have an awesome weekend!


    • iwillbloom says:

      Ha! I know all about littles maximising their time….with my daughter it’s always that she needs a glass of water, which turns in to extra cuddles and with my son, he always decides to regale me of all the things – like everything – that happened to him that day (despite me having asked him repeatedly about it in the afternoon/early evening…!)….wouldn’t change it for a second, though….I’ll take any amount of snuggles and whispered confidences, any day!!! You too: have a GREAT weekend!!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Paula says:

    What is funny is when they get a bit older and are teenagers, then they like to begin important conversations about 11:00 pm. You need to stay up and awake to partake in them. Those are the special times when they let you in a bit 🙂


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hi Paula…it’s definitely a ‘boy’ thing, I’ve noticed, as my daughter tells me absolutely everything within about five minutes of being back through the door, but my son (9) stores it all up until about 8pm when he’s tired out…and then wants to discuss *everything*…I must slowly figure out a way to be able to stay awake until 11pm within the next few years then 😉 Helen xx


    • Marie says:

      Yes i agree and it is usually on the way home in the car from picking them up from a party.


  5. Barbara says:

    Well, I may eventually get caught up on these Blog-tember posts…and my “gifts” and…anything and everything else that I am behind with!!!

    Love reading about your Friday nights, from younger to now! And the part about getting your littles settled before you settle down yourself to enjoy your Friday evening…and I LOVE the last part about ending one week and have two whole days to get refreshed and ready for the next (new) week!

    Still LOVE reading your heart and your life!! thanks for sharing!!


  6. Marie says:

    What a lovely read and so very similar to mine apart from the Ichabod part. lol


    • iwillbloom says:

      Thanks! Yes, very similar….swap Ichabod out for any number of my on-screen crushes (the Dr with the blue eyes from Greys Anatomy – yum! Jake Gyllenhaal – double yum! Cumberbatch in Sherlock – need I say more??!!) and it’d be like we could swap living rooms!!!


  7. What a wonderful Friday night Helen. I normally work late shift Friday & Saturday so a Friday night at home is spent hugging Hubby & our furbaby Jade on the sofa watching movies 🙂 ooo sweetest movie ever is called “The Station Agent” I have literally lost count now how many times I’ve watched it. It’s a very sweet, gentle wee film that can just charms the socks off folk 🙂 You can see details here: sending lots of hugs Helen, Rosie xx


    • iwillbloom says:

      Rosie: oh yes, my Friday routine is quite a sacred matter! Love the idea of your Friday night: so yummy! I’ve just asked ‘my man’ (the guy who finds me films) if he can get hold of that one for me…thanks so much for the suggestion! [I love me a gentle sweet film!]…thank you!!! Hugs right back at you Rosie xxx


  8. Sian says:

    There’s a lot of hope floating around on a Friday night. Hope? or anticipation? These days we just like to put our feet up and look forward to Saturday..aah, the days when it used to be “everybody down the Students Union for a pint..”

    Vogue day is always a good day


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hia Sian…oh, I’d definitely say it’s a heady mix of the two! [Hopipation sounds horrendous, however, like you need the bathroom or something! And anti-hope, well…..just “no”!!!!]…oh yes, how I long for those days, too….I often fondly remember many a cracker of a conversation held over a beer in the SU! (or the JCR/MCR bar!)…


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