Anatomy of a bag

My bag. Often Tardis-like in its capabilities, today thankfully not so full.

I often wonder what people would glean from my life/character if my bag were rummaged ‘Through the Keyhole’ style.

What story would it tell today?


That I like nice things (Burberry purse) and that I can’t part with old things (the nearly 20 year old scuffed and battered Burberry purse)? That I like a bargain (it was found in Bicester Village for 80% off; a bargain, even then, at £30!)?

That I have a pen/notebook fetish? That I scribble a lot (6 pens? A pack of sticky notes?! A folded scrap of paper with notes all over it)? That I’m a thinker? A writer?

That I have – and adore – my two children….who draw a lot, anywhere and everywhere (a Super Super Hero and a zoo, if you were wondering!)? That our home is full to the brims with creativity?

That I like to try to be glamorous (gold nail polish – I actually have no idea what that’s doing in there!)?

That I have a daughter who loves pink??!! That she recently hurt her eye and so has to wear sunglasses when she’s out and about?

That my boy’s 9 and loves pranks (the chewing gum that gives you an electric shock is most certainly not mine)?

There are many, many stories in there.

And as I look on these things and hear those stories, I realise…

The narratives we create for ourselves are the narratives our world/the world hears.

Note to self: being brave enough to say “I’m a writer” gives the dream a name and makes it that much more attainable because it makes you accountable.

What stories do you/your things tell and is that narrative in concert with your goals/dreams?

Helen xxx

 [Written in response to the Day 15 prompt for Blog-tember]


20 thoughts on “Anatomy of a bag

  1. I love the story behind your Burberry bag! 🙂


  2. Hi Helen, yaaay! I’m not alone with the notebook fetish! They’re all over the place, I so adore them 🙂 Whenever I’m in a shop its the stationery aisle for me 🙂 I love your post today and you are a writer! I know this because we’ve never met and I can hear you speaking to me as I read your post. I may not hear your accent but I so hear your voice. That is such a talent, to be able to connect to your readers like that. Sending heaps of huggles, Rosie xx


  3. juliekirk says:

    I’ve always thought of you as a writer. And I could only have got that idea from things you’ve said and so … maybe you’ve always had that narrative [I know it’s not strictly the same writing but still …]. I have two kinds of bags – ‘campus work’ bags and ‘everywhere else’ bags. There’s a split life narrative in there before I even analyse their contents!


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hey you! I feel I’m in the middle of one long pep talk with myself about finding the time/courage/wherewithall/”whatever I’m currently not in possession of/doing” to get my a** in to gear and get my fiction ‘out there’ (as you know)…had to laugh at your split life narrative bags! [Oh for the day we can both haul our ‘very definitely a writer’ bag to the book launch(es)….!]


  4. Charlotte says:

    Is that juicy fruit chewing gum?!
    Don’t worry I have neon pink nail varnish in my bag lol!


  5. alexa says:

    I love the idea of a bag holding a narrative of our lives at any one time, Helen. Such a super post …


  6. Lizelle says:

    LOVE your new blog header! It’s so purdy! 😀


  7. I relate to this post all to well Helen! My purse shares a similar story to yours.

    I have a Vera Wang bag I love and got for a great discount as well! I have several coupons and deals sorts of mailings I’ve received sitting in my purse. I too have notepads and pens in my bag. I have polish in there too (more of an earthy coral/tan color).

    My daughter has the same headband. She also used to have joke gum like that. 😉 I also have one of her pokemon cards and I have my ear phones in my bag too.

    We are definitely bag kindred spirits. xoxo


  8. Loved your spin on this blog Helen and what the insides of your purse says about you. It’s a good questions to think about. What stories am I telling? I can tell from the items in my bag that I certainly like good smells and flavors and colors 😉


  9. Barbara says:

    Love your bag – and the story behind it! And, what “goodies” you have in your bag! I love reading your posts; such a way with words, my friend! Mine is pretty basic; nothing much inside my bright orange bag especially since I’ve pulled it back out after vacation…for vacation, my bag was larger, easier to carry with a camera, notebook, travel brochures and who knows what else that I carried while on vacation!

    Love taking a look at what everyone else is carrying in their bags!!


  10. Sian says:

    There’s quite a bit of rubbish in my bag: not sure what that says about me. Why am I hoarding old shopping lists? I love that you have something Minion related in there..kind of miss the days when my bag held stuff like that


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hia Sian….had to laugh at your comment! [I also had a mound of rubbish in my bag: mostly shopping lists and ‘to do’ lists when I’m running errands…some of them make it to the PL album but most do like to hang out in my bag for extended periods of time!….what does that say about me (us)?! We’re highly efficient, multi-tasking nesters with a penchant for making sure everyone’s needs are met?!]….oh yes, if you did a lucky dip from my bag, there’s a high probability that you’d pull out something ‘littles’ related!!! [I saw a brilliant post about this from one of the Blog-tember ladies:


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