FMF: Celebrate

Joining in with Five Minute Friday. This week’s word Celebrate. Here goes…



When I think of celebrate I don’t, nowadays, think of celebrations for grand events such as birthdays or Christmas. [Having had everything stripped away from me, piece by piece, and being isolated from family and friends, birthdays haven’t been personal or intimate, celebratory, affairs for many years, unfortunately].

Nowadays I celebrate the “every day” [Actually, I look back and see that the seed of this attitude was planted when my Dad died suddenly (at 45); nothing like a tragic death to make you realise how very short and very precious life is].

So now, I actively give thanks: for anything and everything however small…actually, scratch that….the smaller the better…for it’s in the little things, the small moments, the smallest of small kindnesses where joy and beauty are to be found, where life’s glory and splendour should be rejoiced and celebrated.

Start – and move through – your days with an open mind, end your days grateful: perhaps there’s no better recipe for a rich life, a life in which all things of worth are noted and celebrated, for the marvel they are.


19 thoughts on “FMF: Celebrate

  1. Marisa says:

    Having it all stripped away and being hit by loss is difficult. I am so grateful for each moment to celebrate because thats what i will remember. Not the birthdays or the wrapping paper, but the calls for help with homework, staggering through the darkness to heal a bad dream, watching a flower grow and bloom, the rainbow after the storm and the ones that surprise me DURING a storm!! God is everywhere, in everything, it sounds like you have found the ability to see Him in all things!! Hallelujah!!

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    • iwillbloom says:

      Hi Marisa, thanks for visiting and leaving a comment! I’ve definitely learnt that it’s the storms that teach us what we actually need to learn. Far from being a mere inconvenience, they’re highly valuable.


  2. I love your bravery, Helen. You inspire me, always.

    And, like everyone else at FMF (and a lot more people, too!), let me say this – I love YOU.

    I love the you that keeps showing up.

    I love the you that takes such joy in the littles.

    I love the you that is always ready to offer her heart in compassion.

    When Paul talked about faith, hope, and love…I bet he’d just read one of your posts.

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  3. Anita Ojeda says:

    What a beautiful attitude and motto for life :). The less we have, the easier it is to celebrate because we notice each gift more.

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  4. Julie Kirk says:

    The ordinary treasures eh? 🙂


  5. Thank you so much for checking my blog and seeing if I am alright, I was touched deeply and just wanted to say a big thankyou. All is ok just really busy with work and family and as usual my blog gets forgotten. Still trying to figure out the whole blog thing??
    I loved this post and certainly a good reminder to us all.
    Again thanks for your concern, such a lovely thing


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hia Tracey, hah….the Universe does have a good time playing little jokes doesn’t it….your comment went in my spam and so I’ve only just seen it just now!!! GLAD you were OK….off to your blog now to see if you have been able to post (I *totally* understand about not having time to blog….)…best wishes, Helen xx


  6. Debby says:

    Celebration is another face of gratitude isn’t it Helen? Thanks for your words to remind us how precious even the small in life is.


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hia Debby, for some reason, your comments were going in to my Spam 😦 and I’ve only just seen them (you must have thought me very rude!)…yes, indeed: celebration is another face of gratitude and, indeed, even the small is precious (I would argue that appreciating the small enables us to see what is really and truly precious)…Helen xx

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  7. Sian says:

    Ordinary Treasures!

    Yes. Birthdays and anniversaries have been marred by bereavement for me, so it’s ordinary pleauses or is that treasures, all the way


  8. Joy Lenton says:

    This:” it’s in the little things, the small moments, the smallest of small kindnesses where joy and beauty are to be found.” Oh yes and Amen! It’s also been my quest to unearth the marvellous in the mundane and the eternal in the temporal. Keep searching, Helen. Because those who seek will find. You’re definitely a treasure in the blogosphere and I’m so glad we ‘found’ one another here. Blessings. Xx ❤


    • iwillbloom says:

      Love the idea of the ‘marvellous in the mundane and the eternal in the temporal’. Thanks so much for your lovely words….I’m also definitely very glad we found each other. Helen xxx

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  9. Gabriele says:

    With your attitude everyday can be a celebration, of hope, discovery, and connection.


  10. Marie says:

    This inspires me. I really like the idea of pausing to give thanks to God every time a blessing comes my way, no matter how small.


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