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Joining in with Five Minute Friday. Today’s word Doubt

Here goes…



Doubt – the little creep – goes hand in hand with certainty. We can’t have doubt unless there’s a lack of certainty.

There’s always a certain measure of a lack of certainty in anything we do, because the only certainties we have, after all, are that the sun will rise and set and that, at some point, we will die.

We live, therefore, with doubt as a constant companion.

Doubt, fear’s insidious cousin, not as directly, instantly, paralysing as fear, yet far more debilitating, as he wears us down, wears us out, kills our spontaneity, pummels dead the remaining bits of certainty we salvage from the sea of uncertainty we swim in.

We know this, we know he’s a trickster, a shady operator, we know that doubt stalls us, belittles us, dampens our potential yet we still pay him heed. Far too much heed than we should.

Because of doubt, we often live timid lives. We let the fear of uncertainty crush us.

It’s a sad state of affairs, really. To think that we might, in our last seconds, come face to face with all the doubt we’ve ever entertained.

To see him laughing loudly shouting ‘I won’. I think that – that – would be far worse than trying to face him down once in a while.

As we all know, bullies lose their power once they’re faced head on.

Doubt, you bully: I’m going to make it my mission to crush you.

want to be the one laughing in those last few seconds.


P.S. For any of the ladies who look out for me at FMF with the ‘happy pansy’ image above, I’m going to be changing the ‘avatar’ to this one…

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24 thoughts on “FMF: Doubt

  1. Christy says:

    Hi neighbor! I thought about the link between fear and doubt too, they are very close neighbors aren’t they? I’m so thankful for a God that can crush the doubt that Satan delivers, meant to paralyze us! I’m in the #45 spot today, right behind you 🙂


  2. Bethann says:

    Hi Helen! Yes! Doubt is a trickster! It can often leave me paralyzed trying to make a decision or move forward creatively! Love your description and how you have to face doubt head on!!


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hi Bethann, oh, absolutely….it’s crippling, unfortunately, so it is so important to tackle it head-on, otherwise we’re victims to it’s compulsions 😦


  3. Helen, true words here. Doubt does walk alongside certainty, ready to trip us up if we let go of certainty’s hand. Our certainty is in God, the truth that He is our deliverer, provider, guide, the One who loves us perfectly. When we forget some of those truths, doubt slips in and distracts us, discourages us, doesn’t it?

    I’m with you: let’s walk in the certainty of who we are in Christ and face that bully doubt down whenever we must. Loved your call to action here!


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hia Jeanne, I totally agree and, yes, unfortunately it’s when our faith wavers (in Him or in ourselves, even) that doubt sets in…thanks: glad you liked my (very rushed and jumbled) thoughts! Helen xx

      Liked by 1 person

  4. carlybenson says:

    I like how you differentiate between doubt and fear- doubt can seem more subtle but can wear us down and paralyse us in our uncertainty. I like your call to face it head on and crush it!


  5. Tara says:

    Great post. Doubt and fear both can so easily take a hold of us. Visiting from FMF where I’m parked in the #11 spot.


  6. Debby says:

    Loved you calling doubt “the little creep”. Such a thought-provoking piece, Helen. Made me go a little deeper. btw, I like the Avatar change you’re making. That’s exactly what I look for in FMF and would for folks to have a standard one so I won’t have to “work” so hard finding them 😉


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hia Debby, I definitely love that aspect of FMF: reading everyone’s posts, I always get so inspired from all the different viewpoints and ‘arguments’ presented….it’s just so exhilarating to the thinker/’writer’ part of me. [Actually, now you mention it, I mostly do just click through to the avatars I ‘know’ on FMF..and sometimes to other, unknown to me, FMF-ers….the avatar idea *does* work!!]….hope you’re having a GREAT weekend! Helen xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Carrie Ann says:

    🙂 Doubt…that little creep!! I love how you give human traits to words!! Your blog looks so fresh and new…love all the new graphics. 🙂


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hia! I kind of think it’s easier to battle them if I personify them 🙂 Thanks for the comments about how the blog looks: it isn’t ideal by any means but *much* better than it was, which is a relief! Thank you: a lovely lady from Riss Designs on Etsy drew them up for me…Helen xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Doubt, you bully: I’m going to make it my mission to crush you. <– These words towards the end…wow! Love it! I'm going to talk to doubt that way! I will crush you!

    I love your new avatar for FMF. I'll be on the lookout for it! How did you design it if you don't mind me asking? Scan in a drawing? Image creator software?!


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hi Jennifer, let’s get crushing 🙂 The new avatar: it was designed by a very talented lady from Riss Designs on Etsy….hope you’re having a great weekend! Helen


  9. Gabriele says:

    Thanks for taking doubt by the tale, whoops, tail. I certainly hope we come up victors in the end


  10. Melissa R says:

    Amen! Doubt can be an insidious thing, sneaking in and not showing itself until it’s big enough to take us off course. But you’re exactly right: we need to face up to it if we’re ever going to defeat it!


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hi Melissa, thanks for hopping over and taking the time to comment. And, yep, the only way out is through and, with doubt, the only way through is tackling it head on….! Have a *great* weekend! Helen


  11. YES! I love that you called doubt “a little creep” and “a trickster” I like how you personalized it. Have you heard of the children’s book The Mischievians? It made me think of that!


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hi Heather, it just seems so much easier, somehow, to ‘deal’ when I personify them! No, I hadn’t heard of that book…will check it out…thank you 🙂


  12. Ifeoma Samuel says:

    Hi Helen, I have looked for your blog! So glad you placed your link on your Google Plus! You won’t believe, I followed you from there.
    I am so glad to read this. Doubt isn’t good if we intend to receive from God.
    God Bless Helen


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