December Reflections: Sparkle

Joining in with Susannah Conway’s December Reflections

Today’s (or, rather, yesterday’s) prompt: Sparkle….


Everyone gets a bit more of a sparkle in their eye at Christmastime, don’t they?

The Christmastime world becomes – as if by magic  – coated in a sheen of kindness, a veneer of optimism, and everything seems not only possible but probable. 

An atmosphere of giddy expectation fills the air, and everything fills with hope. 

Kisses under the mistletoe for eager but shy teenagers.

Expectant faces writing Christmas lists.

Even more expectant faces, bodies hardly containing the excitement…running towards the tree on Christmas morning.

Cheer, laughter, joy around tables; family gathered, stories unfolding, delighted in once again.

It’s a magical time of year.

A time to shine, to sparkle.

To put on your best clothes, assume your best mood, to think the best of everyone and everything.

Christmastime life is a life lived more immediately, that much more fully immersed in the moment.

Is that what makes it even more special, I wonder?

7 thoughts on “December Reflections: Sparkle

  1. Eva says:

    Aw 🙂 love this! There really is something magical about Christmas time 🙂


  2. alexa says:

    I like the sweet optimism of your writing today. Christmas was always a tense time in my childhood home, so it is good to be reminded that it doesn’t have to be so.


    • iwillbloom says:

      Alexa….exactly what are you doing leaving me a comment with your arm like that? Please desist… if you like…but no more comments,’ll get tired and more uncomfortable…(hoping you’re feeling slightly better – am thinking of you a lot and only wish I were closer, to be able to bring you magazines and other small comforts)….Helen xxxx


  3. Gabriele says:

    I love a little sparkle!! And I’ve decided to love December.


    • iwillbloom says:

      Ooh yes….sparkles are always good! (And sometimes it *is* an active choice we have to make to love something…..but that process teaches us *a lot*….)…Helen xx


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