Vulnerability alert: help me shape the future of I Will Bloom


Here goes.

**Major vulnerability alert: all vulnerability-detecting sirens are sounding at full blast here**

[This feels very icky to write as I’m putting myself out there and blowing my own trumpet and asking for advice….all things I don’t like to do and all rolled in to one blog post….yikes!!]


I want to be able to make a go of I Will Bloom, in that I want it to become a place where I can use my talents (for research, for writing, for communication and community-building) and my knowledge (of entrepreneurship/self help topics etc.) to create a place where people feel welcome and feel like they’re supported and can find useful tips/advice, all whilst having “Oooh! I feel like that too!” life-enhacing/life-supporting kind of moments.

But (yep! there’s always a but!), to be able to do this, it’s going to require time and for me to dedicate time to it, it’s going to have to produce an income…because I’m a single Mum and I don’t have the luxury of having lots of spare time that I can dedicate to it without it producing a return on the investment of my time….

So I’m really just putting the feelers out regarding what sort of things would be acceptable or would move you to the other end of the spectrum and completely make you run a mile and never ever ever visit I Will Bloom again

For example:

  1. Would you like to see a newsletter? It’d be like my Sunday Ponderings posts, with links to interesting things I’ve found around the internet etc. (The idea being that this would help grow my readership).
  2. Would you be comfortable with me becoming an Amazon affiliate? I’ve done book review posts in the past which have been popular and I hope you’d all know that I wouldn’t recommend anything I don’t personally “feel all the feels” for….
  3. Would you be interested in buying an eBook from me? It’d be like my Self Care series but in cosy ebook format and, obviously, containing much more detailed info on the research and how we can apply the findings of this research to enhance the quality of our own lives.
  4. Do you think it’d be worth my while to offer a course (or two)? About Self Care and/or The life-changing art of gratitude and/or The magic of finding ordinary beauty. They’d be short courses aimed at reconnecting with joy. Priced around $25-30 for a five-lesson course.
  5. I’m toying with the idea of dedicating some time to producing a day-to-day/week-to-week planner for 2017. I myself use a system I’ve developed that helps me with my work flow – and keeps me motivated to move forward as I allocate time to my different roles/dreams/goals – and I think it’d be a really useful tool for other people. But (there’s alwaysbut!), I can’t take the risk of developing this or assuming printing costs etc if it’s not something people would be interested in…

So, in sum….I’m swallowing my fears and want to ask you if you’d fill out a short survey to help me determine a) if it’s worth investing my time in trying to develop I Will Bloom further and b) what forms of income streams would be acceptable/of interest for my readers….

I’d be really grateful if you could take the time to fill it out (I’m sorry: no sparkly, shiny, gift for doing so – as yet – just the plain old yummy satisfaction of knowing you were kind and helped me a lot!).

The survey is here….

(for some reason the ‘Other (please specify)’ is in Spanish….sorry!)

Thanks so much if you do fill out the survey (your answers will help)….I promise any and all changes won’t ever mean that I’m selling out: far from it! I’m just trying to determine whether it’s worth putting my time (and heart and soul) in to trying to make a ‘proper go’ of this little space!

Helen xxx

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