FMF: Unite

Joining in with Five Minute Friday: this week’s word…..Unite



The world’s gone mad, bonkers, it’s falling apart, everywhere you look. I’m sure every generation has their reasons for saying this but, honestly, I daren’t even turn the news on most days.

Ancient temples destroyed, earthquakes in Ecuador sparking looting….shootings, peace processes failing left right and centre…Trump promising to deliver hate, hate and more hate…people voting for this hatred…bombings, drowned toddlers, magazine employees shot dead at work….where, when, how will it end?

How bad does it have to get until it can’t get any worse any more?

I walk around, bee in my bonnet, talking about kindness, definitely rosy glasses leading me to suggest that only when we re-find our shared humanity will we be able to unite, as the humans we all are, and move forward positively.

Don’t people ever get tired of fighting, of negative, of always acting from a place of lack, from a place devoid of love?

When will we unite?

When will we realise that we humans have, here on Earth, all we could possibly need – indeed more than we could possibly ever need – all the technology’s there, all the knowledge is there – with the potential for this knowledge to be literally at the fingertips of every bloody person in the world if only the world weren’t so unjust…how can it be that researchers in the developing world can’t access research articles or that a mother I know has no access to cancer medication for her 8 year old daughter? How’s that even possible???

How can we call ourselves human when those things happen? How?

I’m ashamed to call myself human, sometimes, deeply ashamed of my fellow humans in my community, the city where we live (one of the most violent in the world), the country where we live (top five highest murder rate in the world), of the continent we live in, of the world we live in…..

We live in a world where there’s no need for anyone to go hungry. No need for anyone to lack an education. For anyone to fail to receive healthcare they need.

Where there’s more than enough to go round. For everyone.

Yet people die every day due to lack, due to poor distribution of resources, due to the birthplace lottery.

I don’t see a way round this until a critical mass of people decide to unite and say no….

No more. This is not OK. 

It’s happened before. Strong men and women standing up and saying no. Gandhi. MLK. Mandela. Rosa Parks. Defending their countries, their people. Their right to a decent way of life. Their right to be recognised as human, and to be treated with humanity. 

Where’s the MLK, the Gandhi, the Rosa Parks for our globalised world? Who will it be, that person who stands up and convinces us all that no, just no. This is no longer OK and we won’t accept it any more. 

How will that happen and when? 

This uniting of human with human to say no. Enough. No more. We can’t take this any more.

We deserve so much better than this. All of us. 

We all deserve so much better than this.


Helen xxx

P.S. Sparked by a Very moving TED talk by Hugh Evans about the world citizen movement he founded

P.P.S. My wonderful FMF and blogging friend – Gabriele’s – guest post for my Contentment series is here and Michelle’s post is here. Do pop over and read!

P.P.P.S. Thanks for those who have filled out my survey. If you haven’t yet, and have time, it’s still open! All responses welcome. Thanks xxx

Cuadruple P.S. (!) Don’t know how many FMFs I’ll be able to read/comment on this week as I slipped at home on Monday and am still in terrible pain. Banged my head/neck/shoulder and my cervical hernia didn’t like it one little bit. Computer time is around 15 minutes every few hours at the moment 😦 Unfortunately….

16 thoughts on “FMF: Unite

  1. Tara says:

    Praying you heal fast friend. The world really has gone bonkers. I’m thankful that God is the ultimate uniter. I too hardly turn on the news. Over in the #7 spot this week.


  2. carol525 says:

    Oh Amen! I don’t understand all the contention. We don’t even have to unite our beliefs. You can have yours and I’ll have mine and we’ll be totally united! I just don’t get it and I KNOW it’s not how God designed us. Unite! 🙂
    -your FMF neighbor


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hia Carol, absolutely! Tolerance. Respect. Open-mindedness. I definitely think meditation should be mandatory…it’d end world problems really quickly, I’m convinced! Thanks for popping over and thanks for leaving a comment….much appreciated….Helen xx


  3. Eric Greitens recently wrote “The Heart And The Fist”; his thesis is that we tend to try to be the ‘heart’, responding to oppression, cruelty, and injustice.

    But in that, we are ultimately ineffective. In a sense, it’s job security, for without the fist, delivered to the perpetrators, there will always be victims.

    There is an insidious, and false virtue at work; we praise ourselves for being compassionate to the hurting, but hold ourselves above destroying – yes, DESTROYING – those who would assault the innocent.

    By standing in our virtue, we’re accessories to rapeand murder. Bandages and counseling aren’t enough.

    I rather doubt that this is a popular viewpoint, but for what it’s worth, here it is.


    • iwillbloom says:

      Andrew, it’s such a complex, so very complex, issue, isn’t it.

      Obviously I understand both viewpoints but, having lived in a very violent developing country for ten years now (where death is, quite literally, a daily companion for many civilians), I see the root causes of violence and see that nothing (at least here) is ever solved by retaliating with violence. Indeed, one President who attempted to use mercenaries to solve the problem has caused the death of many many many thousands of young men, whose deaths the Government have tried to use as a propaganda machine and then cover up (mainly successfully in the mainstream media here…everyone knows what’s happened – happening – but no-one is allowed to speak it’s name).

      Eric Greitens writes, also, “The world needs many more humanitarians than it needs warriors, but there can be none of the former without enough of the latter”…perhaps that is the case….I guess I just feel sorry, really, for the people who have to do the dirty work (although, as you explained in your own post, you felt compelled to help, whatever the personal cost).

      You say, “By standing in our virtue, we’re accessories to rape and murder”…perhaps that is the case (and I will think on this a lot, as I can’t – immediately – get my head around that). I just know – and yes, I know it’s naive – that when people hurt it’s because they’re hurting themselves. And when conditions are such that hurt is a daily reality, obviously this breeds violence. Provide adequate conditions – which is a basic human right, after all – and I’d be hopeful that, slowly but surely, a more peaceful way through would be found. {I write that whilst fully realising that it’s convenient for many, unfortunately, that violence is a business…}

      I know, I know, I know this is naive but violence has never worked, as it leads to escalation…perhaps the time will come when people in power realise it’s time to try another way.

      (Didn’t mean to offend you in any way; we’re polar opposites in so many respects, whilst still being so very human at our core).

      Helen xx


  4. Carly says:

    So true- the world would be a much better place if we could put aside our differences and work together. Hope you feel better soon. xxx


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hia Carly, yes…pie in the sky thinking, perhaps, as I do realise it’s a very long way off yet!! But, imagine….we rediscover our compassion and we feel others pain as our own…we simply wouldn’t be able to live with atrocities/injustice any longer. (Very very naive, I realise…). Have a lovely weekend, Helen

      Liked by 1 person

  5. bloggerlovestheking says:

    Such truth and what a word to talk about right now. If only we could unite as a nation, a world and stop being so critical of one another in our beliefs but love one another like Christ.


    • iwillbloom says:

      Thanks for popping across and taking the time to leave a comment. It is that isn’t it: too much criticism, too much judgement, not enough inner work, not enough compassion. Happy Earth Day! Helen xx


  6. Gabriele says:

    I feel for your impassioned words. I can’t look or read most days. Searching and longing for sanity fills my time.


  7. Helen, it’s hard to look at the world around us and see the terrible suffering in so many places. In it all I remember that God is not merely a bystander. He’s watching, working behind the scenes, and He will DEAL with those who commit evils against their fellow humans. Though at times I feel helpless to do anything, I can pray. I can help one in my community. I can be Jesus with skin on to them.

    I’m so sorry you fell and hurt yourself! 😦 I’ll be praying of you this weekend, mu friend.


  8. “I’m ashamed to call myself human, sometimes, deeply ashamed of my fellow humans in my community, the city where we live (one of the most violent in the world), the country where we live (top five highest murder rate in the world), of the continent we live in, of the world we live in…..” – there’s such a tone here that reminds me of Nehemiah, repenting for the sins of his entire nation… such conviction that the problems surrounding us that cause the “bees-in-our-bonnets – ” their solutions begin with me. With my brokenness over them, over the destruction around me, the hurt of my fellow man. This brokenness, this repentance, this is the beginning of true uniting. Thank you. (Fellow, though delayed, FMF-er, and one who’s praying for your quick recovery!!!


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hi Angela, I revisited Nehemiah and, indeed, there are striking similarities in tone. I’m a firm believer in the idea that the solution begins with me. Thanks for taking the time to hop over and to leave a comment. Much appreciated. Helen (and thanks for your well wishes, and prayers: I’m not over the worst of it yet but definitely feeling maybe very slightly better!)


  9. Sorry I’m always playing catch up lately. Please know I pop over and read when I can my Friend! I hope so much that you’re feeling better Helen! Prayers for strength and healing sent your way!!

    My heart hurts for our world too. However, I think there is so much good out there yet. I think there are those that have been uniting and fighting for good. I think there are many celebrities using their names and connections to work towards huge changes in our environment and other problems. I think through all of time the hate, the anger, the disgusting problems were always there. However, they were less media soaked, less televised and less light was shone on them. I think the good (& I really do believe there is a lot of it) isn’t shown. Isn’t televised or glorified the way it should be. I think there’s a lots of groups that join in fervent and continual prayer (which I very much believe in the power of too). think the forces of good are hard at work and have been for a long time. I think we need to love and embrace our humankind and our humanness and not add to the condemning and angry thoughts out there. It’s so easy to get caught up in it and will just add to negative and depressing thoughts that won’t help our own soul or willingness and want to change our focus.

    I agree in uniting with loving hearts and searching for the good that is already there – just so many of us refuse to see it. Embrace that good and let it continue to work and stop our focus on the bad as a society!! Imagine how all of us would feel and act if our tv’s and newspapers and magazines were filled with all the good that is out there? How we might change the negative feelings in our hearts.

    Just my two cents worth. Sending loving thoughts and blessings to you dear Friend.


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