FMF: Pass

Joining in with Five Minute Friday. This week’s word: pass.



“This too shall pass”

I clearly heard it – very clearly heard it – voiced out to me as I was giving birth to my son (six and a bit weeks premature he was….birthed with the help of Drs and nurses who didn’t speak English and me, at that time, with my Spanish limited to ‘Hello’ and ‘Goodbye’).

I, also, very clearly heard it voiced out to me a few days after the day I knelt down, in desperation, to ask for help from above, from within (from wherever that helps lies), because I simply couldn’t cope on my own any more. 

Where did these proclamations come from?

I don’t know. I still don’t know.

But I know, now, that He, the Universe, has my back.

“This too shall pass”

It’s kind of become a motto for me.

It has transmuted in to many different forms of/tactics for overcoming. Instead of wallowing in self pity, I try to act. Try to always think outwards and not inwards. Realising, now, that it all shall pass. 

By doing this, by adopting this attitude, I found that once I’d acquired this habit of looking outwards (which was initially a mechanism for self-protection), to find opportunities to serve, to be kind, to add light to the life around me, then my life began to change and, indeed, much of the mess that had surrounded me did pass.

Experience – more specifically my traumatic experiences – have taught me how to recognise pain, to recognise the help that people might need (even when they don’t necessarily want to acknowledge they need help).

It’s made me more sensitive to where the light needs to go.

When you’ve experienced not being able to eat for weeks, because you’ve not had enough money to feed three, you simply cannot walk past someone in the street who’s obviously hungry. You can’t let it pass. 

When you meet a young woman, shy, furtive about her situation, you recognise the signs, you encourage her to seek help. You can’t let it pass. 

And in the process, this not letting it pass converts in to this too shall pass: instead of being part of the problem, you become part of the solution.

And a solution is always better than a problem!


(And, yes, Universe, I am actually thankful that I lived through what I have lived through because this opening/widening of my eyes? This knowing where the light needs to go? It’s the only way to live).


If you haven’t already, do check out my contentment series, with guest posts from Michelle, Gabriele and Joy.

Have a lovely weekend!

Helen xxx

16 thoughts on “FMF: Pass

  1. Tara says:

    It really is amazing how those things we have experienced help us not to pas over others in those situations. Great post.


  2. Hopeannfaith says:

    Wonderful perspective! I love this post. I agree … we just cannot pass it by! In my Widow’s Fog I have found a place online where Widows on every level go to share … and there, where at first I read and needed support, find that I cannot pass by the new and deeply grieving widows cries for help and understanding. We are called to different ministries throughout our lives, knowing it’s a true calling because we are unable to pass by those we are so deeply called to. God bless you.


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hi…I think that’s it, isn’t it….finding our community and not passing by….and, yes, I think you’re right. We do know it’s a true calling when we’re unable to pass by those things we’re so deeply called to. Thank you for popping across and thanks for leaving a comment. So loved your post. Helen

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Love your thoughts on knowing where the light needs to go and not being able to pass by other’s in need. Thank you for sharing!


  4. Carly says:

    I love your comment about the dark times helping to make you more sensitive to where the light needs to go. That’s so true- I think God can definitely use our hard times to develop compassion for others.


  5. Joy Lenton says:

    “This knowing where the light needs to go? It’s the only way to live).” Amen, my friend! I love the way you are unfurling to the Light and sharing it with others. You are truly blooming into the woman God always intended you to be. Your experiences have opened your eyes to the needs of others, and that outward look and action is a beautiful thing to behold. Great post! Thank you. Xox ❤


  6. And the fact that you HAVE passed through these experiences makes them that more obvious to you so that you recognize the needs of others, and CAN be part of the solution! Thank you for sharing your heart…glad to see you posting!! I have managed to get Simple Woman’s Daybook and Tuesday @ Ten posts done this week; still working on Word Weds. – and it’s Friday!!!


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hi Barbara, have been (am) in a great deal of pain, after I slipped on water in the bathroom, so have read your email but not been able to reply. Thinking of you….and, yes, I agree with you…it is so much easier when you’ve been through it and have experienced the pain. Will pop over to your blog once I’m able to….Helen xxxx


  7. Gabriele says:

    You caught me with your juxtaposition of the phrase “You can’t let it pass”. Saying ‘it will pass” in a giving up way isn’t productive. Enduring is about action in being kind. Thank-you, Carly.


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hia Gabriele, yes…definitely…I think mindfulness teaches one to be more purposeful, less passive, about many things. Saying ‘you can’t let it pass’ is so much more proactive than bumbling along with ‘it will pass’….(especially in regards to one’s own life and important aspects such as self compassion). Helen xxx


  8. Your words always go straight to my heart. I pray in gratitude for being blessed in so many ways as I can’t even imagine at times -and then I pray for you my dear sweet Helen! All that you have endured and come out so much stronger for it. The strength you hold and share is amazing. I hope you know that. That you are an amazing person and you give out so much of that light you talk about letting in.

    Blessings for your continued strength. Hope that you’re feeling better and finding the answers you seek. Hugs to All. xoxo


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hia Carrie, thanks so much for your comment….your support, as I hope you know, has been – is – a source of strength. Thank you. Here’s to a lovely weekend! Helen xxx


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