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Project 52 – 3/52 and 4/52

Time for my Project 52 photos, a project I’m doing with Chelsea of Hollands Reverie.

I promised myself I’d get two portrait shots for this post, but I failed spectacularly. I’m such a chicken! [I’m still a little scared of going up to someone I don’t know and asking to take their picture and the shots I got, taking photos from the back or the side or whatever just didn’t work….next time, next time!]

So, here are the two shots I got for Devotion (3/52) and Play (4/52):



[Devotion to my work]



[Play: four favourite toys, keeping each other company]

If you’re on Instagram, check out Chelsea’s post here (she lists some of her favourite Instagrammers and all them worth checking out); her Project 52 post is here.

[My ‘Week of self-care: meditation‘ post will be up later today!]

Project 52

A few months ago, my wonderful blogging friend Chelsea from Hollands Reverie asked if I’d like to do a Project 52 challenge with her (a photography challenge to take a photo a week). I was a little taken aback, to be honest, as she has crazy good photography skills, but I decided to give it a go as I’m always up for a challenge!

We made a list of topic ideas for each week’s photos and decided to focus on portraits. I failed, spectacularly, to get any portrait shots for the first two weeks, but I love the photos I took…

Week 1: Beauty (in the small things)


[Couldn’t resist this shot of my daughter as she rescued a butterfly that was trapped under a water spout. She’s the very definition of someone who finds beauty in the small things]

Week 2: Peace


[A view from our home: I’d looked up from a moment of quiet desperation to find this scene]

We’ll be posting our Project 52 photos every second Thursday. Our next two words are ‘Devotion’ and ‘Play’. My aim is to head ‘out and about’ with my camera to capture portraits ‘on the street’. Life got in the way during the busy school holidays season but I’m determined to capture two ‘from the street’ portrait shots for our next post on the 29th!

Please head over to Chelsea’s post here to see her beautiful images for the first two weeks!