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Sunday ponderings 29/03/15

Some things I’ve found on my travels around the information superhighway this week that I thought you might like:

– This little library in Canada! Imagine if the idea caught on! Wonderful!

– This food blog – The Sugar Hit – just the right amount of quirk and some lovely recipes…her writing is something special! Love this post especially! So clever! So full of energy!

– Love these kind of stories – so heart-warming….

This fascinating piece about the New South Wales herbarium…

This Pinterest board (home redecoration) from a favourite scrapper of mine, Mardi Winen: I’m feeling itchy, wanting to move things around/get rid of ‘stuff’/make changes at home….love the inspiration on this board! I can feel a remodel coming on….(“zero budget but lots of determination” remodelling – go Helen!)

This post from Yelle at Tender Roots – quotes from her teenage diary. Great idea for a post and a great post.

– Love Jon Jorgenson and his blog and love this post….“Progress in disguise”.

Great post from Tammy Strait on how to deal with difficult people – lessons in there that we all should learn!

 And, last but not least, this – from a writer I admire greatly:


“Be love”…there’s a great thought!

Sunday ponderings: 08/03/15

A little mix of things I’ve spotted on my travels around the web this week:

– Loved this video, from the Love Has No Labels project….it comes with a tear-jerker alert, ladies…!

– This BBC piece about the girl who receives gifts from birds.

– Would have loved to have been able to see these literary benches across London!

– Becoming increasingly obsessed by the idea of a tiny house….love this one!

And, last but not least (because I’ve not been on t’internet much this week), this, which, amongst other things, cajoled me back to life after a rough few weeks:


Here’s to a great week, ladies!

Sunday Ponderings 15/02

Another collection of ‘interesting things’ I’ve found on my jaunts around the web:

Research findings which suggest that people would rather receive an electric shock than be alone with their thoughts…..incredible!

– BBC article about the Nocebo Effect (essentially ‘thinking yourself to death’).

Dahlicious – a blog dedicated to discussing the food mentioned in Roald Dahl’s books. Found by my son, actually, whilst he was doing research for a school project about Roald Dahl. Brilliant idea for a blog: I got lost in there myself for about an hour (I find Roald Dahl, and his imagination, so very fascinating!)

This post from Carrie about the cookbook she’s putting together. Such a wonderful, wonderful idea.

100 things we didn’t know last year (BBC).

Portraits of strangers with beautiful facesMesmerising.

We never met (on Instagram): photos accompanied by a series of conversations never had. Love it. 

Screen series by Matthew Tischler (haunting photographs – I can’t stop thinking about them).

– Lastly, this:


Have a great week, everyone….!

Sunday ponderings

Some things that have caught my attention as I’ve been wandering around the web:

– Angelina Jolie’s op ed piece on the Syrian refugee crisis. [No words, I have no words].

– Paul Goodman on the nine kinds of silence (a beautiful reading of his ideas on this subject).

This post from Tammy Strait on Living a creative life. 

25 websites for literature lovers: some treasures there that I’d never heard of…

Writing your way to happiness (from the NY Times blog)

– Angelo Merendino’s photography project, ‘Goodbye at the door‘. So poignant.

– James Mollison’s photography project, ‘Where children sleep‘. Literally made me ashamed to be human.

Booksellers of South Sudan (BBC article)

A village just got it’s first fridge (BBC article). Very humbling.

– A zero waste grocery store: this is what it looks like. Imagine a world like this: not only less waste but imagine how much we’d all be able to think (without all the usual distractions vying for our attention).

– Lastly, this:


I’m so glad there is a word for this, as I find myself ‘sondering’ probably more often than I should.

Have a good week everyone!

Sunday ponderings

Another cornucopia (thanks Alexa!) of things I’ve found on my travels, that I thought you might like:

– I love the Urban Jungle blog and loved this little insight in to their blogging process and their video walk around Paris….if only cities were more committed to ‘greening’ (and what a wonderful collaborative process they have forged!)

– On a similar ‘green’ them, look at this! Tree drawings! Not drawings of trees, no! Drawings made by trees! Totally cool! Am off hunting, this weekend, for a suitably ‘artistically gifted’ tree 😉 There’s a particularly lovely weeping willow-type tree at the local park. How relaxing it must be to watch it ‘in action’!

This BBC article, ‘Back-up brains: the era of digital mortality?’ Fascinating!

– Look at this….a guy sets up a website – shipyourenemiesglitter – it goes viral. Less than a week later he sells it for US$85,000. Thoughts anyone?

20 pictures that will make you think! [I don’t normally like these ‘Lifehack’ type of posts but was sent this one twice this week, both times from two long-standing colleagues]

– Love any photo The Sartorialist takes but could these ones be any more sumptuous?!

– Loved this post – entitled 10 useful tips on how to survive being married to a blogger – from Lucy at Blonde, Write More! (a fellow NaNoWriMo-er). I don’t have a significant other but I laughed a lot at some of her points (we all manifest some of them some of the time! Bloggers are a funny but lovely bunch!).

– Loved, also, this blog post from Zoe – entitled Creative Momentum – an ode to the power of daily exercising of the creative muscle

– Always good to come upon reminders of how truly and amazingly beautiful our world is! Sorvagsvatn: a lake over the ocean!

– Last but not least, this beauty of a quote:


Hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday and here’s to a great week! [The last one of January….just saying!]

Sunday ponderings

My first ‘Sunday ponderings’ post of 2015.

Some interesting things I’ve found as I’ve been browsing the internet this week:

– A Sanskrit word that means pretty much the opposite of schaudenfraude. What a shame we don’t have a word for this in the English language. I find myself, as a parent, needing this word a lot!

– This beautiful short film from Alexander Payne, part of Paris Je T’aime. Just about broke my heart in two.

– A BBC article about reading yourself happy! Well worth the read.

Friday night meatballs: do click through and read it; it’s wonderful!

– Really interesting photo project from Madalynne: Portrait of a Seamstress. Beautiful photos and the stories are all enchanting.

– The most romantic chocolate ever made. I love stories about how recipes come in to being and this one is a good one!

– A tour inside Ateliers Hermes in Paris. In awe of the craftsmanship.

60 tiny love stories to make you smile (or cry with love positively brimming out of you).

– And, lastly, a bit of encouragement for the coming week (for those who might need it). Love it!


If you’ve come across anything you think I’ll love, leave me a link in the comments!

Sunday ponderings

A strange, turbulent and fairly upsetting week for me this week, unfortunately. Peppered with moments of extreme happiness, humility and gratitude. Life is a roller coaster ride, isn’t it?

A few things that have caught my eye/captured my imagination this week:

1. This – kept me going for a few days this week….

File written by Adobe Photoshop¨ 4.0

2. Love Elle Goulding, love this song:

3. Don’t Carpe Diem from Glennon Doyle Melton. Amazing woman. Amazing post.

4. Made me chuckle: Mona Lisa’s point of view

5. The story of Amanda Hocking, the writer who had great success with self-publishing her books (something I ponder – dream about!! – as I’m nearing the final week of the marathon that has been writing the first edition of my book – 2000 words a day every day in November).

6. The story of the box of photos found in a Conde Nast office, unopened for 80 years….love it…would so loved to have been there!

7. An ‘in-life’ funeral

8. Loved this little thought:


9. Who knew Taylor Swift was so cool? I most definitely did not but am a convert now! This has been on repeat in our house this week! [The ‘fan dancer’ at the end, the guy in the striped pale green t-shirt and red trainers…..he just makes me HAPPY!!!!!]

10. Got to love T.S. a little bit more as she inspired something as cool as this! [Makes me cry every time I see it…they’re all so young and individual and so full of personality and dreams and oh….it just makes me happy!]…

Have a lovely week everyone!

Sunday Ponderings

Busy week, but still time for seeing/reading lots of inspiration:

1. Vincent Moon: he describes himself, in a TED talk, as an “experimental ethnologist”. He records music from around the world. He says he’s fuelled to do what he does because, “The way we show the world changes how we see the world…we live with simplifications of every day life so we don’t get to see the beauty and diversity of every day life”. His projects are funded through Kickstarter and other sources of public donations (I read somewhere that he said, “I live without any money, or very little sums…I don’t make films ‘for free’ as someone was telling me the other day – I just don’t make them ‘for money’, but I get very well paid in the energy of people, in the exchanges I have on an everyday basis, in invitations for a dinner or a drink” [Love him and his work that little bit more after reading that!]. He makes his films available for free on his website. I’ve been haunted – literally all week – by the beauty of this one, from Elza Soares, a Brazilian singer. Goodness, to have even 10% of this lady’s commitment and passion! She is literally poetry in motion. I’ve been captivated by her!

2. This quote from Victoria Erickson, which stopped me in my tracks (as many of her writings do): “It’s often too easy to get lost in the daily race, shoving aside soul. Don’t…every time you create, nurture, cook, cultivate, use your hands, birth songs, art or connect seemingly disconnected things, you’re using your soul. Don’t bury it. Stay with it. The more soul you use, the more you’ll have, the more connected you’ll be and the more your life will flow rhythmically with full allowance and acceptance of what beauty might arrive. But things cannot arrive unless your soul’s open to receive. Stay connected. Keep choosing soul”.

3. This series: Every Story Matters. Just incredible. I’m continually amazed by the truly brilliant ideas and writing that flows from bloggers, from the Five Minute Friday writings that never fail – every single week – to inspire me, to the blog posts that pop up in my Bloglovin feed to gems like this series. Wow. Just wow. So much honesty and vitality and brilliance to be found in each and every one of her 31 posts.

4. Having had a few ‘bloopers’ this week with the correct meaning of English words being lost in translation from British to American English and vice versa, this made me laugh!

5. I’m asking Santa for one thing this year and it’s this: my favourite motivational saying…printed on the front of a 365-day journal that encourages you to step out of your comfort zone every day? It was made for me!

6. 3-D printed toys on a blog? What is the world coming to? When did the world move so far and so fast forwards?! I remember – ages ago – friends telling me to invest in this new technology called 3-D printing and now the future is here! I reckon I’ll be able to buy the littles a 3-D printer in about 3-4 years (when the prices will have dropped significantly): how cool is that?! [What would you 3-D print if you could? Gggrrr…now I can’t get the mini Howard out of my head! And is this genius or the ultimate in spooky narcissism??!! I can’t decide but kind of wished I’d thought of it ;)]

7. The number 1 way to kill off your ideas: brilliant, inspiration-packed, post about how to make things happen. 

8. Am going to leave explicit instructions that I’d like (the appropriate construction of) this etched on my tombstone:


[Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody – haven’t read anything quite so beautiful in a long time. Words to live by, if ever I heard any].

Hope you enjoyed my (very) hotch-potched mix of inspiration this week: do link me up to anything that’s inspired you….I really would like to see!

Sunday Ponderings No. 10

10 weeks of ‘Sunday ponderings’….wow. And 6 – yes only 6! – weeks until Christmas!

[Can’t go on without mentioning that it’s Remembrance Sunday today and that it’s 25 years, this weekend, since the fall of the Berlin Wall]

Things that have made me go ‘Wow’ or ‘Ooh’ or ‘Hhhmm’ this week:

1. Killed myself laughing at some of these : Women rejecting marriage proposals in Western art (I always used to play this game in my head when I’d go to the National Gallery in the afternoons as a student!)

2. Wise words for us all:



3. Christmas windows from Anthropologie. I would love to be a fly on the wall in the creative meetings when they decide themes/plan out the execution of their windows. You can feel the creative genius in the displays. Love it. They inspire me in so, so many ways.

4. Yumi Okita’s moths. Wow. Just wow. They leave me speechless every time I see them. [I have promised myself I will own one once we’re back on track financially – it’ll be my ‘Well done you, you came through it all!’ gift to myself].

5. Women’s reviews of Amazon’s Sexy PhD Halloween costume. It’s hilarious!

6. The future is here: the Foodini printer. A 3D printer that prints food. Oh my. I’m pretty sure a boy in my class wrote an imaginary story about that once!

7. Love every photo The Sartorialist posts but this one? Genius. In awe of the photo itself but also the minute attention to detail in the clothes. The guy is wearing, with love, clothes that were made with serious love. Inspiring in many, many ways.

8. Pavegen: floor tiles that turn the energy from footsteps in to electricity. [Am not going to go off on a diatribe about how we could, as a race, do more for the environment….]

9. Love this news piece about cheeky Medieval doodles!

10. Last, but definitely not least, from Rumi:


Sunday Ponderings No. 9

The end of a really, really hard week for me. Looking forward to the next one, if only to move on to pastures new with lots of ‘old’ behind me…

Here goes with some things that have inspired me/made me think this past week:

1. The Grace Uncommon blog. Really wonderful, inspirational content, so well written. She describes her blog as, “Boldly designing an unhindered life” – for me, personally, that really appeals at this stage in my life.

2. When sadness is a gift from Ashley Ann Photography. It was an especially important reminder, for me, that we have to give thanks for the ‘wonderful’ when we’re experiencing it because ‘wonderful’ can be so quickly taken away.

3. Complete from SecondFirsts: one of the most impactful blog posts I’ve ever read. It stopped me dead in my tracks when I read it on Friday night and immobilised me, as I processed it’s message, for most of yesterday. Such a powerful, powerful message.

4. 10 ways to live an extraordinary life from Be More With Less. Great reminder of how I should be living every day. 

5. This image. Enthralls me more every time I look at it. Wish I could take portrait photos like The Sartorialist. [BIG SIGH]. Wish I was anywhere in Italy right now. [DOUBLE BIG SIGH]

6. 11 untranslatable words from other cultures (love everything about this!)…my favourite one? This one:



7. This video [thanks Lizelle for the heads up! I’ve been thinking about it all week!]…

And three images I found on Pinterest that just spoke volumes to me:


[I needed to see it, and internalise it, this week]


[I’ve been reading some of his writings, and those of Rumi, and, my goodness, people in Ancient times could certainly think! Freedom from information overload allowed them to think deeply and elucidate deep – fundamental – truths that are so relevant in today’s world].



[Yeah, pretty much my motto from now on. “Stop asking permission”. Just go for it, lady. As I read somewhere online, “You can do the impossible because you’ve been through the unimaginable”. Note to self: You don’t need permission from anyone – get the fig on with it….].

Hope you’re equally inspired by some of the things on this week’s list. Link me up to anything you think I’ll enjoy!